Omega Paw Stop Paw Licking Solution: Reviews

Omega Paw Stop Paw Licking Solution

Omega Paw Stop Paw Licking Solution is for those dogs who have an obsession with licking their paws. This solution includes RemoveRx that targets bacteria, viruses, mould, yeast, fungi, germs and other irritants that your dog is trying to lick away. It cleans, disinfects, deodorizes and sanitizes your dog’s paws. Now your dog can enjoy themselves without having to worry about dirty paws! 650ml
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Good product
posted on 09/10/2012 13:30:20 by Susan Marshall

We tried everything including tea tree oil and products prescribed by our vet but the most effective treatment for our westies paws has proved to be this product Sue of Halifax Yorkshire

Great Product
posted on 04/09/2011 13:35:39 by JW

One of my collie dogs was incessantly licking her paws One week in to treatment real signs of reduced licking

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