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Cat Scratch Board by Petplanet

The Cat Scratch Board by Pet Planet offers your cat a sisal scratch pad, toy and ... ON SALE! RRP: £15.99 Now: £7.99 Save 50%
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Does the job
posted on 07/12/2012 09:54:03 by gardengirl

If your cat prefers to scratch on the flat rather than use a scratching post this is ideal My cat simply likes the mat but has not shown much interest in the end with the ball but its there if she decides to be playful It was very reasonably priced sale price and looks quite good in the middle of the room

Cats love it
posted on 05/01/2012 13:09:45 by Doe

This was an instant hit and is very well used. As yet this is now the only thing being scratched in the house. One thing the scratch pad came away from the base at the top corner quite quickly But i do have big 8kg cats so this may be why that happened. Apart from this defect would recommend to all as they do not just use it as a place to scratch they play with it too. Had the sisal not come away from base so soon it would have got a 5

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