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Hamster High Tower Cage with Skylight: Reviews

Hamster High Tower Cage with Skylight

This two level Hamster High Tower Cage with Skylight is made from transparent resin so that you can watch all your petís antics. Your small furry friend will love exploring the different levels and the ladders are specially constructed without gaps so that there is no danger of your petís legs getting damaged. The rear side of the cage can be brightened up by a nature design board, which is supplied, and the cage also comes with a water bottle and food dish Ė all you need for a happy hamster. Apart from the food, bedding and water Ė donít forget those!

Soon you will be laughing as you see your pouch-stuffed pet climbing back to the house to store away the goodies for bedtime snacking. So nice to wake up from a snooze and nibble on a sunflower seed before going back to sleep. Then there are the antics on the exercise wheel where your hamster will manically run and run and run, just stopping the odd time to check out the room and groom the whiskers. Of course, the more adventurous pet will head for the skylight and seek escape but there is no danger of that unless you have decided to push open the skylight yourself! The other side of the roof features open slats to ensure adequate ventilation.

Manufactured from high quality, rigid polypropylene and ABS resin, this Hamster High Tower Cage has been treated with Ag+ which is an anti-germ technology providing superior antimicrobial performance that kills stain and odour-causing bacteria. This is a lightweight, durable cage that you will find very easy to clean and maintain and .

Dimensions: W45 x D31 x H49cm

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Available in 2 colours, red or blue. Please choose below:

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i loved it
posted on 20/01/2013 18:22:57 by turnerce34

i was upset when the red went out of stock but my dwarf sergie realy loves the blue one every thing looks good i got the sticker off with some remover and apart from that i love it

Its ok
posted on 27/09/2012 23:40:51 by Ml445

I agree with the other reviewthink I would have been more disappointed if had paid full price but for the sale price its okmanaged to get the sticker off the front with little residue but it does look nice and hamster seems to be enjoying it which is the main thing better than the little tank in the pet shop May upgrade in the future though

Looks good but feels cheap when you receive it
posted on 21/09/2012 18:28:06 by dbrockwell2003

We went for this cage because it looked different from other cages and looked nice but when receiving it we found the cage to be a import from China or somewhere like that and the quality of the cage just shows it it feels cheap and had this big sticker on the plastic that will not come off easy and leaves residue that we could not get off Putting on the level scratched the plastic this is a terrible cage I would not recommend

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