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Staywell Large Cat Small Dog 4 Way Locking Pet Door 280: Reviews

Staywell Large Cat/ Small Dog 4 Way Locking Pet Door 280

Choose the Staywell Big Cat Small Dog 4 Way Locking Pet Door as an easy to use choice of pet flap for your cat or small dog up to 10kg. It features a 4 way locking system to enable you to choose whether you want your pet to remain indoors / outdoors or have the choice to travel back and forth. The locking options are: in only, out only, opened or locked. It comes complete with a tunnel included to allow easy fitting and it can be cut down as necessary.

Highly versatile, it can be fitted in the following places:

  • Wooden doors
  • Glass windows & doors, single & doubled glazed (consult a glazier as it is not possible to cut holes in toughened glass or double glazed units except at the time of manufacture)
  • Brick walls
  • PVC/uPVC/Metal
  • Patio/ Sliding doors

There are many advantages to fitting a cat / dog door into your door. It gives you the freedom to come and go as you please without having to worry about letting your cat/dog in and out of the house during the time when you are not there. It gives your pet the opportunity to capture some fresh air and exercise and go to the toilet outside that saves on expensive and messy litter. This freedom means that the relationship between pet and owner is improved .Donít worry about training your pet to use the new door, simply be patient and allow your pet to discover for themselves that they can go through the door. Give them a reason to use the door for example food, they will soon become accustomed to using this useful product.

  • Manufacturer 3 year warranty

    Overall size: 29.2 x 29.2cm
    Maximum tunnel depth: 4cm
    Cut out size: 26cm diameter circle
    Maximum pet shoulder width: 18cm
    Maximum pet weight: 10kg Ė cats and small dogs

    Models: 270EF and 280EF (old codes were 270ML and 280ML)

  • £14.99
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    Very Robust
    posted on 08/11/2013 17:42:06 by shadders

    l have had 2 of these catflaps before each lasting for 56 years The reason l choose this style is because the locking mechanism is far more robust As they are in the centre of each side this stops my bunch of furry escape artists from breaking out The price is good value for a product that lasts longer than others with flimsy locks which tend to shatter if you have a purrsistant puss or several as in my home

    Fabulous product
    posted on 20/11/2012 19:40:02 by Vickiegent01

    We needed a flap for our 2 Lasha Apso dogs and blind cat that would go in a double glazed door This product was perfect It was easy to fit and the frosted plastic made it blend in with the glass All our pets are happy using the flap and I know its a secure product

    Cant comment
    posted on 15/06/2012 08:27:14

    I was looking to replace my current CatMate cat flaps and sent for this believing it would be the same size or hopefully bigger but unfortunately due to the fact that the design has now changed and basically circular I had to return it as it wasnt big enough

    great product
    posted on 23/05/2012 11:55:28 by barbara

    Perfect for our 3 cats and bichon frise dog. All now happily letting themselves in and out

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