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Johnsons Flea Tick Collar 24: Reviews

Johnsons Flea & Tick Collar 24"

This collar is designed for dogs and puppies over 12 weeks of age. This brown collar is unaffected by water and will kill fleas and ticks for up to 5 months. Tick preventing products may take several days for a lethal quantity of insecticide to be absorbed. The ticks occasionally will remain attached even when dead, if this should occur they should be left to fall off naturally, removed using a purpose built tick picker, or removed by a Veterinary Surgeon. If tick prevention products aren't used the tick, once full, will fall off when and where it wants to, this could be outside or in your home, once hungry it will then reattach itself onto the next victim.
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Useless against ticks!
posted on 22/07/2008 18:00:17 by Paul

I bought this for prevention of fleas and ticks. With the collar barely 10 days old I noticed a large tick on my dog - only an inch below the collar itself! Maybe we have tough ticks here in Devon but seems to me the collar is useless against ticks. I had to pull it off - which wasnt easy!

PetPlanet Says:
We never like to hear customers disappointed with a purchase from Petplanet.co.uk. Reinfestation may be prevented with Johnson's Flea & Tick Dog Collar which kills ticks as well as fleas. Ticks may take several days to absorb a lethal quantity of insecticide, however, and occasionally remain attached even when dead. If this occurs, they should be left to fall off naturally unless you have been shown by a Veterinary Surgeon how to remove them without breaking off the embedded mouthparts.

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