Royal Canin Size Health Giant Junior 4kg: Reviews

Royal Canin Size Health Giant Junior 4kg

Royal Canin Giant Puppy ensures maximum digestive safety, regulates digestive ...
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great value
posted on 27/01/2014 21:18:35 by esm1

I have come to expect fast delivery service with products that are good value for money

You Get What You Pay For.
posted on 03/04/2011 07:11:21 by Stretcher

Look, in this price range, all dog food is fine. I just buy the best deal and as long as you take a week for transition, it's all good. Now on James Wellbeloved as that's where the deal was (if I had a penny for people who's advice starts with "You must feed him..." - none of these are vets incidentally). Had our old english sheepdog on bakers which we first got from the breeder. Too many runny stools for my linking. So decided to up the anti and go for a food more specific to his size. This food is excellent; had to moisten it up until about 4 months as his tiny teeth were struggling. His coat is superb and the vet is happy with is size and musculature. The crucial thing is that this food makes him thirsty and when we let him have too much water his second stool of the day was runny. Reduced his water intake and bingo - I can almost pick them up on the run like a baseball fielder! As Anthony Hopkins said in the Road to Wellville, "my stools are perfect; solid and smell no worse than rosewater".

loves it
posted on 16/09/2008 12:24:38 by sharon

my dog loves this food, and because he is a large breed but still only a puppy this is greart for him.

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