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Good Boy Fleecy Blanket

How many times have you thought that your dog or cat might be getting a bit cold in the back of the car, during the colder months or overnight in the home when the heating is off? This super soft Good Boy Fleecy Blanket is the solution!

Now you can provide an insulating layer of warmth for your four-legged friend and make sure your pet is protected from the cold, and ailments brought on by the cold.

This snug, warm and cosy fleece blanket is easily kept clean being fully machine washable and has a lovely attention to detail with a stripe motif. An absolute cold weather essential that can be taken and used anywhere.

  • Machine washable at 30 degrees

Dimensions: W70 x D90cm

BUY NOW: £2.29

Fibre Cycle Breeder Celect Cat Litter 2.5Ltr

Breeder Celect is the litter choice for many cat breeders and there are many good reasons!

Environmentally friendly, it is made from 99% recycled paper and contains no additives or chemicals. This means that odour is controlled naturally and it is biodegradable. This litter offers a superior performance being highly absorbent. It is suitable for all cat breeds and is economical on your pocket too as it is long lasting.

The pack is lightweight with convenient handles that make the it easier to lift and the easy pour spout gives easy control over pouring. With a dust free formulation, less debris is transferred to your home and your floors are not marked. You will notice the difference, give it a go!

Size: 2.5 litre

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Kitty City Mouse Hunt

Drive kitty crazy with this fabulous Kitty City Mouse Hunt! It comes with a jingle ball and a plush toy to stimulate your feline friendís natural instinct to hunt and play. Watch the fun antics as your cat or kitten scrabbles about trying to catch the toys through the holes. Hours of fun for your pet and great amusement for you!

Manufactured from wired polyester, this mouse hunt will keep your feline friend busy hunting, stalking and pouncing for ages.

Dimensions: W30.48 x D11.43 x H30.48

Please note: this toy is not indestructible, all play must be supervised. Replace toy once worn.

BUY NOW: £4.49

Good Girl Laser Mouse Cat Toy

Entice your cat to play, paw and pounce with this brilliant Good Girl Laser Mouse Cat toy. Encourage your petís natural, wild instincts by projecting a super laser mouse image onto wherever you point it. Hours of fun guaranteed and a fun way to interact with your furry friend. It makes a great gift too.

  • Batteries included

    Please ensure that the game is finished with an treat or toy that will give your pet a feeling of satisfaction after the "hunt"

    BUY NOW: £1.49

    Budget Pet Carrier by PetPlanet

    A great Budget Pet Carrier by PetPlanet that will allow you to safely transport and monitor your pet at the same time. It is suitable for cats and dogs and other small animals and has a side-covered lid which helps give your pet a sense of security and privacy whilst still allowing you to keep an eye on your beloved pet. Manufactured from polypropylene making it both strong and durable, this pet carrier also has a handy carry handle and there is a wire door at the front for access.

  • Lightweight
  • Well ventilated
  • Easy to clean

    Dimensions: approx. L50 x W35 x H32cm

    BUY NOW: £9.49

    Purrshire Clamber & Hide Cat Activity Centre

    Spoil your cat with this Purrshire Clamber & Hide Cat Activity Centre. It is a really exciting activity centre for playing, pouncing, scratching, stretching and exploring that your kitty will adore! Made from soft, snugly, plush fabric with sisal posts, it features platforms to pounce up and down from (the top platform is obviously for lookout purposes), posts to scratch and stretch up on, a ladder to climb and, after all that activity, the only thing left to do is to either relax in the hammock for a quick catnap or snuggle down and snooze in the cosy retreat!

    Ideal to get your overactive feline friend playing in one place for a few hours and the antics will no doubt keep you amused too! The sisal covered posts allow cats to carry out their natural instinct to scratch, to prevent their claws from breaking or being ripped out. Now, hopefully, scratching your furniture will be a thing of the past!

    Overall: W60 x D50 x H150cm
    Top platforms: approx. 32cm square x H8cm
    Base: approx. W50 x D40cm
    Hideaway: approx. 30cm square x H25cm
    Hideaway opening: approx. W18 x H18cm
    Ladder: approx. L35 x W25cm

    Please note: this toy is not indestructible, all play must be supervised. Replace toy once worn.

    Please click here for assembly instructions.

    FREE Standard UK Delivery!
    BUY NOW: £39.99

    Royal Canin Feline Sensitivity Control Pouch Multipack Chicken 48x100g

    Royal Canin Sensitivity Control Wet is for the nutritional management of food hypersensitivity with dermatological and/or gastrointestinal signs, food intolerance (including lactose intolerance), and acute or chronic diarrhoea in kittens and adult cats. Chicken and rice are rarely involved in food allergy. These protein sources are highly digestible. This approach reduces the risk of allergic reaction in the cat. Very high amounts of biotin, niacin and pantothenic acid in combination with zinc reduce water losses through the skin and support the barrier effect of the skin. Eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids, omega-3 long chain fatty acids, help maintain skin health and the integrity of the intestinal mucosa. Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides (FOS) help to balance microflora and protect the intestinal mucosa. This food is gluten and lactose free.

    Please refer to our Royal Canin Feline Sensitivity Control data sheet for more information. Requires Adobe Reader.

    BUY NOW: £37.49

    Purrshire Sienna Deluxe Cat Activity Centre

    The Purrshire Sienna Deluxe is a cat's dream with all its branches to jump at and a large scratching post to ensure all claws are kept sharpened, as well as a hidden stuffed fish to find and capture!

    The tree has 2 platform levels to pounce up and down upon and should the mood take to have a well earned rest!

    The attractive neutral design will slot into a cosy corner in your home and show your feline friend how much you care.

    Please note this toy is not indestructible, all play should be supervised. Replace toy once worn.

    Dimensions: W35 x D35 x H56cm

    BUY NOW: £14.99

    Corner Kitty Litter Box with Door

    Ideal for corners, this Corner Kitty Litter Box will not only provide your cat with privacy but also help to catch flyaway cat litter. It has a lower front to allow for easy access and the swinging door allows your feline friend to enter and exit. This covered litter box is manufactured from high-impact, durable plastic, making it very robust and easy to clean and the handle on the hood allows for easy moving.

    Bottom Tray: W54 x D42 x H12cm
    Top with Tray: W54 x D42 x H41cm
    Door Step: D5 x 12cm
    Door: W25.5 x H23.5cm

    BUY NOW: £12.99

    Feath 'r' Leather Dangling Cat Toy

    A fabulous teaser toy for your feline friend, this Feath 'r' Leather Dangling Cat Toy is a mix of soft feathers and leather strips on a flexible pole. It is a terrific interactive toy for you to enjoy some play time with your kitty and comes at a great price.

    The long pole protects your hand from being scratched as your cat leaps in a frenzy to attack this irresistible target. It is a purrfect toy for batting and leaping antics and will bring out your cats hunting instincts. Your puss will just love it!

    Dimensions: L51 x W10 x D2cm

    Please note: this toy is not indestructible, all play must be supervised. Replace toy once worn.

    BUY NOW: £1.99

    Felix As Good As It Looks Pouch Favourites Selection 44x100g

    Felix As Good As It Looks Pouches Favourite Selection is a fabulous tasty selection of meaty dishes for your feline consisting of beef, tuna, chicken and salmon. This great value jumbo pack contains specially prepared tender meaty steaklets in jelly, and with such a great choice, your cat will find the delicious recipes totally irresistible.

    • Foil sealed for freshness

    11 x Chicken: Meat and Animal Derivatives (of which Chicken 4%), Vegetable Protein Extracts, Fish and Fish Derivatives, Minerals, Various Sugars
    11 x Beef: Meat and Animal Derivatives (of which Beef 4%), Vegetable Protein Extracts, Fish and Fish Derivatives, Minerals, Various Sugars
    11 x Tuna: Meat and Animal Derivatives, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Fish and Fish Derivatives (of which Tuna 4%), Minerals, Various Sugars
    11 x Salmon: Meat and Animal Derivatives, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Fish and Fish Derivatives (of which Salmon 4%), Minerals, Various Sugars

    Quantity: 1 box of 44 Pouches

    BUY NOW: £15.99

    Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box Large

    Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box is quick, easy and clean - this amazing cat loo solves all your litter handling problems.

    This revolutionary cat loo is what cat owners have been waiting for. Simply roll the tray and then empty the waste from the specially designed grill. There are no parts to remove or store. You have no need of scoops, liners or filters thus saving you money and, best of all from a hygiene point of view, you need never come into contact with the litter.

    Your cat will enjoy the privacy of an enclosed cat loo and will also enjoy having a clean litter tray to use.

  • Works best with clumping cat litter

    Dimensions: approx. L58.5 x W52 x H53.5cm

    Approximate door measurements: H17.8cm x W21.5cm. Please note colour may vary and, unfortunately, we cannot allow a choice of colour on this product.

    BUY NOW: £29.99

    Kitty City Cat Litter Mat

    Specially designed to trap cat litter, this Kitty City Litter Mat has a cat-friendly, comfortable, soft surface that opens up your cat's paws to dislodge any litter that is trapped without doing any harm to your petís paws.

    Made from PVC rubber, it features a non-slip backing that keeps the mat firmly in place and prevents moisture and particles from reaching your floor. The mat is suitable for use with any size litter box and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water.

    • Tray not included

    Dimensions: L50 x W40cm< /p>

    BUY NOW: £3.99

    Royal Canin Feline Renal - Tuna Pouch Multipack 48x85g

    Royal Canin Renal Support with Tuna is formulated for the nutritional maintenance of chronic renal failure, calcium oxalate urolith recurrence in cats with impaired function, hepatic encephalopathy and prevention of recurrence or urolithiasis requiring urine alkalinisation: urate and cystine uroliths.

    The kidneys are no longer able to eliminate phosphorous effectively which contributes to progression of the disease. Limiting the dietary phosphorous intake is an essential part of nutritional support. A high fish oil content (source of EPA/DHA) to help maintain glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and protect against glomerulosclerosis.

    Increased uraemia may induce the formation of gastric and intestinal mucosal ulcers. The combination of zeolite and FOS helps protect the mucosa. The synergistic antioxidant complex (vitamins E and C, taurine, lutein) neutralises free radicals, helps maintain the health of cells and DNA and supports the immune system.

    Please refer to our Royal Canin Feline Renal data sheet for more information.

    BUY NOW: £33.99

    Incline Cat Scratcher

    This Incline Cat Scratcher is at just the right angle for ultimate cat scratching and there is a hidden mouse for extra fun! Have you ever noticed how cats love cardboard boxes? This cat scratcher is made entirely from thick, durable, eco-friendly, corrugated cardboard that will satisfy your catís natural scratching urges. Scratching gives cats the opportunity to rid themselves of the dead outer layer of their claws and it also enables them to flex their joints and exercise their paws.

    Add the enclosed catnip to the scratching pad and it will irresistibly attract your feline friend to use it and keep on using it. For an added inducement, why not pop a toy or paper ball in the cubby hole to provide extra cat fun! Now, hopefully, scratching your furniture will be a thing of the past!

  • Reversible pad
  • Recyclable
  • Veterinarian approved
  • Not suitable for kittens due to size of hole

    Dimensions: W58 x D20 x H25cm high

    Please note: packaging colour may vary.

    BUY NOW: £5.99

    Purrshire Anti-bacterial Cat Litter Tray with Scoop - XLarge

    A fabulous, high-sided, two feet long Purrshire Anti-bacterial Cat Litter Tray is ideal for felines that tend to kick out their cat litter. This extra large tray is also great for cats that do not like covered litter boxes and has enough room for your pet to turn around, dig and stand up without feeling constrained. It holds more litter than the average tray, making it an economical choice for you as you will not need to change the litter as often as usual, and it comes with a litter scoop that can handily be attached in the corner so you do not need to hunt for it.

    Made from high quality resin composite material making it soft, tough and durable, it features non-skid pads on the bottom four corners to protect your floors or carpets. It has a nice smooth finish with rounded corners which are less likely to get litter stuck to them and is easy to clean. It has also been treated with Ag+ which is an anti-germ technology providing superior antimicrobial performance that kills stain and odour-causing bacteria.

    Dimensions: approx. L62 x W46 x H25cm
    Entrance step height: approx. 18cm

    BUY NOW: £12.99

    Good Girl Sponge Ball Cat Toy - Pack of 4

    These Good Girl Sponge Balls are so light that your kitten or cat only has to gently bat at them for them to shoot off! Your feline friend will go bananas chasing around after them. They are great, soft and squidgy balls with a good bounce that will keep your pet entertained for hours.

    You will love that they are so light that they do not damage or mark anything in your house and do not make a loud noise. Your kitty will have great fun chasing them around or carrying them about. This is a bargain pack of coloured sponge balls at a great price!

    Ball diameter: 2.5cm

    Please note: these balls are not indestructible, all play must be supervised. Replace toys once worn.

    BUY NOW: £1.49

    Kong Refillable Catnip Toy Feathertop Carrot

    Treat your cat with this fabulous feathertop carrot Kong Refillable Catnip Toy with added catnip! Not only is this superb toy soft and comfortable for your cat to play with, it is also equipped with a secure T-Nip pouch that contains catnip for added enjoyment.

    • 2 pouches provided
    • Machine washable at 30 degrees with catnip removed

    Your kitty will love pouncing on the feathers and cuddling with this great toy, and the catnip further entices play.

    Dimensions: approx 10cm long

    Please note; this toy is not indestructible. All cats should be supervised when playing. Replace toy once worn.

    BUY NOW: £1.49

    Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan Large

    Convenience and hygiene with Catit Hooded Cat Pan Large. This hooded cat pan is manufactured from durable, hard wearing plastic and is easy to assemble with large, locking sliders on each side. Easy access is gained through the large, hinged lid. Also has a bag anchor at front to secure your waste bag for easy scooping out of litter. Included is a carbon-impregnated cartridge helping to eliminate odours. Removeable clear door in a two-way, cat-flap style. Please choose from pink, blue or grey lids. The hood is to provide privacy for your cat, please do not use handle on hood to lift tray. Lift tray from bottom. Replacement filters available separately.

    Approximate Dimensions:
    Overall: L57 x W40 x D46.5cm
    Top part: L57 x W39 x D28cm (including overhang)
    Base part: L56 x W40 x D19.5-24cm (rising towards rear)

    BUY NOW: £15.49

    Bob Martin Antibacterial Litter Crystals 4.2L

    Bob Martin Anti-bacterial Litter Crystals revolutionise the traditional cat litter concept. The Crystalís unique, high performance in absorbing all moisture inhibits bacterial growth and cat smells leaving your catís tray clean, fresh and dry all day long. Liquid and odour is absorbed quickly inside the crystals. The odour is left trapped inside whilst the liquid evaporates. Anti-bacterial. Super absorbency.
    BUY NOW: £3.89
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