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Golden with Bump on Her Head

Q: Golden with Bump on Her Head PetPlanet Talk Adminstrator PPAdmin Greetings from Italy! I have recently bought a Golden Retriever pup (2 months). When choosing the pup we noticed that all of them had a bump on the top of their heads, right at the top of the cranium. We checked the parents and they had a slight bump too, but nothing out of the ordinary. Since then 2 weeks have passed and we have noticed that this bump has become enormous. The pup's sibling next door has a normal puppy bump. We are getting worried as it seems to be growing constantly completely out of proportion to the rest of her head. What could it be? Thanks for your reply, Antonia O'Flaherty

A:Golden with Bump on Her Head PetPlanet Talk Adminstrator PPAdmin Hi Antonia, Best get the bump checked out by a vet. I suspect that it may be because the bony lump is a bit vulnerable to damage and the swelling is just tissue reaction after a hard bump or bumps. But since I can't actually feel the lump, get someone there to have a prod at it, just to be on the safe side. June Third-Carter B.V.M.S., M.R.C.V.S., Vet.M.F.Hom. for

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