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Dog who keeps licking one of his toes

Q: Dog who keeps licking one of his toes PetPlanet Talk Adminstrator PPAdmin My dog is constantly licking one of his front toes. I have checked the whole paw and can find no cuts or anything that looks wrong. It doesn't seem to be swollen or hot, and it doesn't hurt him, at least he doesn't mind it being touched. He licked it so much today that it is starting to get raw. I have cleaned it and put a sock over it to stop him, can you suggest anything to help?

A:Dog who keeps licking one of his toes PetPlanet Talk Adminstrator PPAdmin Dear Claire Dogs can get infections in the base of the claws, or just in the skin between their toes. These can be caused by bacteria or fungi, and do sometimes need medical treatment. If more than one foot is affected, there may be a more general skin condition - some dogs develop allergies. The problem becomes worse, because a vicious circle starts - itch -> scratch -> itch -> scratch etc. He is likely to need to see a vet for diagnosis and treatment. Steve Mullender MRCVS vet for petplanet

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