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Petplanet.co.uk Limited is part of M8 Group Ltd, a privately held company based in Livingston, Scotland. Founded in 1999 we have long been recognised as the market leader in our sector in the UK.

Many Internet companies make unsubstantiated claims to be ‘the largest’ or ‘the biggest’ or ‘the best’: these claims are normally unjustified. At petplanet.co.uk we are confident in our market leading position so we are happy to share some data with you (this information is automatically updated every 24 hours to ensure accuracy and transparency);

  • Along with sister company www.greenfingers.com, petplanet.co.uk has helped make M8 Group Ltd one of the fastest growing private companies in the UK. This achievment was recognised by the Sunday Times who include us in their Fast Track 100

Prescription Medicines

When it comes to veterinary products we aim to provide a top quality service, and to show our commitment to this, our staff who review your veterinary orders are all AMTRA, (Animal Medicines Training & Regulatory Authority), qualified Suitably Qualified Persons (S.Q.P’s).

Meet our S.Q.P, (or Animal Health Advisor as we like to call them!)

Jacqueline Pullinger QC30447
Emma McNee VP1355C
Aimie Caldwell VP1354C

How can you confirm our S.Q.P’s are currently registered with the relevant governing body:

You can check the Register of SQP’s on the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, (V.M.D), website, here:


You can search via the S.Q.P numbers quoted above, the S.Q.P’s name, or alternatively you can ring the VMD on 01932 336911 and quote the S.Q.P code number to check their status.

Should anything go wrong, how to contact us to make a complaint:

Whilst we aim to offer you impeccable customer service at all times, there are occasions where things may go wrong. If you are unfortunate enough for this to happen then please contact us directly on :-

Petmeds@petplanet.co.uk or call us on 01506 605150

If for any reason our response does not satisfy you then you may contact either the:

V.M.D: postmaster@vmd.defra.gsi.gov.uk


AMTRA: http://www.amtra.org.uk/index.php?page=professional_standards
Email: info@amtra.org.uk

Adverse Reactions to a medicinal product

On occasion, there can be circumstances where your pet suffers an adverse reaction, or a lack of efficacy when you have used a product. This should be reported directly to the V.M.D, using the details below:


Can I use this on my pet?

The V.M.D hold a full list of all veterinary medicine products, which are authorised in the UK. This data base can be found on their website here:


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