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What you need, when you need it!

Never run out of your pet essentials again. Repeat & Save allows you to shop and schedule the regular delivery of hundreds of products available at petplanet.co.uk. You'll save time by ordering in advance, and you'll always have exactly what you need, when you need it. In most cases you'll also save money, with discounts on Repeat & Save orders.

Repeat & Save is the most convenient, flexible and cost effective way to shop with us. Simply select your favourite pet products and the frequency of your deliveries and we'll take care of the rest. If you change your mind about anything (like which products we send to you, quantities or how often we deliver them), you can pause or edit at any time easily on your account.

Get started with Repeat & Save

Set up Repeat & Save in a few simple steps:

1. Shop from our online selection

Browse our products and look for the Repeat & Save icon on the product page of your selected items.

2. Place your order

Add the item(s) to your basket and go to the checkout where you'll be presented with your options.

3. Set up your schedule

Select the quantity and frequency of the items you'd like to set up with Repeat & Save from the options available.

4. Relax and enjoy your delivery

We'll send you an order confirmation and despatch notification email when your order is on its way.

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Need help or have questions? Take a look at our FAQs below.

  • How can I sign up for Repeat & Save?

    Signing up for an Repeat & Save order is easy - to see which items are available just look for the Repeat & Save icon on the product page, add the items to the basket, select the quantity required and choose how often you'd like it delivered, then checkout as normal.

  • When will my payment method be charged?

    Your payment method will be charged automatically when your next Repeat & Save order is ready to be processed for shipping, this will typically be a day or two before your order is shipped. Rest assured we do not hold your card details anywhere on our systems, we operate an industry recognised tokenisation system with the card processor so then can identify your card when we request a payment to be made for your Repeat & Save order. If your payment is declined, we'll be informed and we can then contact you for additional information, often this might happen if your card has expired.

  • Where can I find my Repeat & Save orders?

    Log in to your account at petplanet.co.uk. Click on the account drop down in the top right of the screen and select Repeat & Save items from the menu, it shows towards the bottom.

  • Can I add a product to my Repeat & Save order?

    While you cannot 'add' a product to an existing Repeat & Save order, you can create a new order for the product you want and have this delivered at the same time as your existing Repeat & Save items. To do this:
    1. Simply select the Repeat & Save option for your desired product
    2. Set your preferred delivery time-frame to the same as your existing Repeat & Save order and we will deliver all items in the same order
    3. Then checkout as normal

    You can also select a specific day your order is shipped from our warehouse. At present all orders will default to be shipped from our warehouse on the Friday of the week selected, with delivery at the start of the following week.

  • Can I change my Repeat & Save date?

    You can also change the preference date when your Repeat & Save items are shipped, delivery normally takes 1-3 days from this day, excluding bank holidays and weekends.

    Remember to change the frequency of all the items you have on Repeat & Save if you want them all delivered at the same time.

  • Can I delete an item from Repeat & Save?

    To delete a product from your Repeat & Save list, visit the Repeat & Save items section of your account and click the 'Bin' icon next to the item.

  • Can I pause my Repeat & Save?

    To pause an order, visit the Repeat & Save items section of your account and click the 'Pause' icon next to the item. To restart simply click the 'Start' icon.

  • How will I know my Repeat & Save is on its way?

    We'll send you an order confirmation email approximately 2-3 days before your next scheduled Repeat & Save order, this will be similar to the confirmation email we send you when you have placed any order with us in the past. Once we ship your order from our warehouse we will send you a despatch confirmation email with the relevant tracking information for your order.

  • Is it possible to make a change to my order?

    Apart from being able to pause or delete your Repeat & Save items as mentioned above, once you receive your order confirmation email you will be able to contact our customer care staff and they will be able to assist you provided the order hasn't gone into our warehouse. Even if it has we are sure they will be able to assist you in the same way they would a customer who hasn't placed an Repeat & Save order.

  • Can I have my Repeat & Save delivered during the weekend or can I nominate a day?

    Due to the timing of the processing of Repeat & Save orders we are currently only able to offer standard delivery on Repeat & Save orders. We will keep this option in mind and review the system to see if we can add this service to make it more convenient to our customers.

  • What happens if I subscribe to a product and the price changes later?

    Product prices will be applied at the time of order confirmation. So if your product is part of a promotion or on sale when your Repeat & Save order is processed, the sale price will automatically be applied to your order. If there is no promotion or sale, the current price of the product will apply less any Repeat & Save discount.

  • Why has the price of my Repeat & Save changed?

    As mentioned, when your next Repeat & Save delivery is approaching, we'll send you an order confirmation email that includes the most up-to-date prices for the items in your order. We strive to be competitive with our product pricing and sometimes products prices will fluctuate due to promotional offers or changes imposed on the industry by manufacturers or other suppliers. You should always check your order confirmation email and if you have any queries please get in touch with our customer care team.

  • Can I use my loyalty points as payment towards to my Repeat & Save purchase and can I collect points?

    You can use points as payment towards your first Repeat & Save order, however we have decided not to offer loyalty points collection on products we offer on Repeat & Save due to the fact most of these products will have been priced competitively.

  • What if one of the products I've requested is out of stock?

    We'll go ahead and despatch the rest of your order. Your payment method will only be charged for items despatched. When the out of stock item becomes available, we will send it out you.

  • What happens if a product I order is replaced with a new formula or is discontinued?

    If there is a new formula and the original is no longer available, we will automatically send the new version. If an item is discontinued, you'll no longer receive it - and we will get in touch with you to let you know and to offer you some alternatives.