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Looking after your rabbit in winter

Now is the time to think about your outside bunnies and make them as comfortable as you can over the winter months. Here are some tips from The British Rabbit Council.

Rabbits, like many other animals, find winter tough. They do not hibernate and they will rely on their owners for survival. Even though Mother Nature will supply them with a warm winter coat, a little extra thought will be needed. These tips will help your readers help their pet rabbit, Britain's third most popular pet.

Bedding must be clean and dry at all times. Wet bedding could freeze!

Keep an old towel for your rabbit and gently dry him if he gets unexpectedly wet.

Rabbits do not like draughts, especially at night. If his hutch is outside, make sure it is fitted with a rain and wind proof cover for bad weather and night time. It should hang down over the front but it should allow a little air for ventilation. However, a rabbit will thrive with its hutch outside or in a garden shed, even in harsh conditions - no need to bring the hutch into the living room!

If the hutch has an outside run onto grass or concrete, close it off until spring arrives.

Rabbits like a little greenery in their diet but make sure that they are not frosted or frozen when given to your rabbit - this could easily result in a fatality. Best keep foodstuffs in your kitchen so they stay at room temperature.

Your rabbit's water should be kept free of ice at all times. Don't allow it to freeze.

Even when winter seems very quiet for wildlife, foxes and vermin are still busy and extra hungry. Make sure that your rabbit's hutch is secure and safe.

For any advice on rabbits or where to find the breed of your choice, ring The British Rabbit Council on 01636 676042.

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