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Small Animal Accessories

We sell an enormous range of Small Animal Accessories so yuo can spice up their Cage. Ranging from toilets to hammocks and hideaways, you can really turn their Cage into a wonderful fun-filled playground. Suitable for Ferrets, Gerbils, Mice, Rats, Chinchillas, Degus, Chipmunks and any other Small Furry you may have.

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Iris Pet Food Container with Scoop

From £7.99
Earn up to 84 Points

Smartkitz Small Animal Castle

From £10.20
Earn up to 144 Points

Happy Pet Willow Tube - Large

Earn 60 Points

SnuggleSafe All Weather Bunny Warren

Earn 84 Points

Rosewood Small Animal Corner Toilet

From £4.99
Earn up to 60 Points

Happy Pet Nature First Grassy Hideaway - Large

Earn 144 Points

Kerbl Nature Bridge

Earn 24 Points

Smartkitz Pet Shacks

From £2.00
Earn up to 24 Points
SALE  |  75% OFF
Smartkitz Treat Ball

Smartkitz Treat Ball


Chipsi Climate Floor Hemp Mat

From £7.99
Earn up to 108 Points
SALE  |  45% OFF
Rosewood Two-Way Hooded Bed for Small Animals

Rosewood Two-Way Hooded Bed for Small Animals

Earn 96 Points

Super Pet Silent Spinner Wheel

From £12.99
Earn up to 276 Points

Climb 'n' Ladder Small

Earn 36 Points

Kerbl Nature Wooden House

Earn 96 Points

Rodent Run Wheel by Petplanet - 12cm Diameter

From £1.24
Earn up to 24 Points

Savic Concha Small Animal Toilet Size XLarge

Earn 120 Points

Rosewood Luxury Plush Bed for Small Animals

Earn 108 Points

Crink ''l'' Den

Earn 24 Points

Climb n Ladder with Hammock

Earn 72 Points
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