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Why Crate Train Your Dog?


  • It provides a safe place for your dog to stay for short periods of time
  • Also gives a snuggly personal place for your dog to sleep
  • Your dog will be ready for travel
  • Vet and kennel visits become much less stressful
  • Potty train in dramatically less time

1: Introduction

To familiarise your pet with the crate, leave it in a room with door open, with a blanket and favourite toys inside. Give praise if they explore it on their own.

2: Step Inside

After a couple days, ask your dog to go into the crate. Offer praise and treats. Donít force it, you want the crate to be a source of positivity. Use commands like "Crate" or "Bed" so you have a unique command for the crate.

3: Close the Door

Once your dog is comfortable going in and out, you can close the door for a minute. Give praise for good behaviour in the crate. Slowly build up the time with the door closed, with you always nearby.

4: Meals, Nap Time

Now that your dog is comfortable with the door closed, you can serve all meals inside the crate. Make it their favourite place! When your dog is sleepy, put them in the crate.

5: Leave the Room

Slowly build on the amount of time youíre out of the room, from 1 min up to 30mins. Always reward your pup for good behaviour.

6: Leave the House

Slowly build on this part as well. Always be calm when youíre putting your dog into the crate and leaving the house. When you return, donít let your dog out until theyíve calmed down.


Never use your crate as punishment. It will ruin all your progress.
If youíre leaving for a while, make sure your dog has been to the bathroom before you leave.
Donít leave a puppy inside of a crate for longer than 4hrs. They do not have bladder control.
Always include chew toys inside the crate to make it comfy and inviting.
Exercise your pet before they spend a long stretch in the crate.
Crate training wonít cure separation anxiety. For help with that, see your vet.

Types of Crates:

Standard, Car Boot, Folding, Travel

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