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Curly-Coated Retriever Dog Breed Profile

Curly-Coated Retriever

Other Names
Curly Coat, Curly 
Dog Group Kennel Club
Breed Classification
Curly Coated Retrievers belong to the Gundog group and are companions, working dogs and seen competing in field trials and in the show ring. 
Cost of Ownership
Average Food Cost
£7.50-10 per week
Feeding Requirements
Depends on the type and quality of food used. Care must be taken to avoid the possibility of Gastric Torsion (Bloat) which Curlies (like all large and deep chested dogs) are susceptible to. 
Other Expenses
The average cost of a puppy will be around £500 but will vary depending in which part of the country the breeder is situated. 
9 - 15 years
Curly Coats live between 8 and 13 years.  
Average Litter Size
The average size of litter is 6 puppies. 
General Physical Description
One of the largest of the Gundog group, Curly’s are easily recognised by their distinctive coats which are a mass of small, tight curls all over except for the fronts of the legs and their heads. They are strong, upstanding dogs who portrait an air of elegance, and effortlessly cover the ground with extension and good drive.

Height Min Max
Bitch 64cm (25") 64cm (25")
Dog 69cm (27") 69cm (27")
Weight Min Max
Bitch 33kg (73lbs) 33kg (73lbs)
Dog 40kg (88lbs) 40kg (88lbs)
Size Category
Weight Height Range
Dogs measure around 69cms and weigh around 40kgs, bitches around 69cms and weigh 33kgs. 
Hip Dysplasia is known (Average score 11/108) in the breed and parents should be screened accordingly. Epilepsy has also occurred in the breed and purchaser’s should check with the breeder, whether there are any known cases in the breeding of the litter. Gastric Torsion (Bloat) can also be a problem (as with all deep chested breeds).  
Common Ailments
Susceptibility To Illness
Written accounts of similar dogs date back to 1803 and it is suggested that small Newfoundland’s were used in the early construction of the breed, thereby giving them their love of water. The Curly is likely to have been the first breed used for serious retrieving work in England. 
Very intelligent dogs, Curly’s have a great learning ability. However, they do have minds of their own and therefore training must be a challenge and varied to keep them becoming bored and losing interest.< 
Show Characteristics
The head should be wedge-shaped in both front and side profiles with a slight stop. The eyes should be oval-shaped, large but not prominent, dark brown in blacks and tones of brown to blend with the coat in the livers. The ears should be rather small and set slightly above the level of the eye, lying close to the head and covered with small curls. The nose should black in blacks and brown in livers. The jaws should be strong with a complete scissor bite. The medium length neck should be strong and slightly arched, free from throatiness and flow freely into well laid back, muscular shoulders. The forelegs should be straight with strong pasterns and set well under the body. The chest should be deep with well-sprung ribs and a strong and level topline, with a slight tuck up to the flanks. The hindquarters should be strong and muscular with well let down hocks. The feet should be round and tight with well-arched toes. The tail should be set level with the topline and reach approximately to the hock and carried straight on a level with the topline when moving.  
Country Of Origin
Famous Examples
Records Held
Overall Exercise
40 - 60 minutes per day.
This breed does need plenty of exercise and will take a great delight in a daily gallop preferably followed by a swim. The breed has a natural affinity for water and will normally take to the water whenever the opportunity arises. All in all a true sportaholic! However, they will, on occasion, adapt to less if necessary.  
Distress if Left Alone
Personal Protection
Guard Dog Suitability
Risk of Sheep Worrying
Tendency to Bark
Level of Aggression
Compatibility With Other Animals
Suitable For Children


General Character And Temperament
Bold, friendly, self confident dogs who may appear aloof with strangers but will give years of loyalty and devotion to the immediate family. They are reasonably patient with children and will get along with other dogs and household animals. 
Coat Length
Grooming Requirement
< Once a week 
Requires Professional Groomer
Never use a brush or a comb on a Curly as this will flatten the curls. They do cast: dogs once a year, bitches after their seasons and it is at this time that a bath should be given to get rid of the dead hair; thereafter wetting them once a week will encourage loose hair to drop off and tighten the curls. If the coat becomes too long, it can be trimmed with straight scissors.  
Curly Coats are either solid black or solid liver.  
Suffers From Allergies

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