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Pekingese Dog Breed Profile


Other Names
Peke, Peking Palasthund 
Dog Group Kennel Club
Breed Classification
The Pekingese is a member of the toy group. They were originally bred as companions; today they are still used as companions. 
Cost of Ownership
Average Food Cost
£4-7.50 per week
Feeding Requirements
The Peke is an undemanding dog to feed with no special dietary requirements; they generally have a good appetite. 
Other Expenses
The average puppy price ranges from £450 - £600.  
9 - 15 years
The average lifespan is 13-15 years. 
Average Litter Size
The average number of puppies in a litter is 3. Pekes can sometimes have difficulty in whelping due to size and shape of the puppies’ heads thus making caesarean sections necessary.  
General Physical Description
The Pekingese is a small compact long coated dog with a characteristically short, flat face and an abundantly feathered tail curled over the back.

Height Min Max
Bitch 15cm (6") 23cm (9")
Dog 15cm (6") 23cm (9")
Weight Min Max
Bitch 5.5kg (12lbs) 5.5kg (12lbs)
Dog 5kg (11lbs) 5kg (11lbs)
Size Category
Weight Height Range
Dogs should measure between 15-23cms and weigh no more than 5kgs. Bitches should ideally measure between 15-23cms and weigh no more than 5.5kgs. 
As a breed the Pekingese is a hardy dog that doesn’t suffer from many health problems, however they have been known to suffer from the occasional back problem and can be susceptible to eye injuries.  
Common Ailments
Susceptibility To Illness
Legend states that the Pekingese is the offspring of a Lion and a marmoset. The Lion fell in love with a Marmoset and went to see the patron saint of animals to see if he could help him. The saint allowed the Lion to ‘marry’ the Marmoset, however there was a condition. The Lion had to sacrifice size and strength. The Lion agreed to this and managed to keep possession of his Lion heart and character. It has to be said that this ancient breed, with his mane and fearless courage, certainly bears some similarities with the lion and will hold his own if necessary. The Peke can be traced back to the Chinese Chang Dynasty They were prized by royalty, ordinary people were forbidden to own them, and were stoned to death if caught trying to smuggle them outside palace grounds. In 1860 when Western soldiers took over the palace of Peking 5 dogs were found. Officers took the dogs, 4 of which were kept by the Officers and the 5th was presented to Queen Victoria.  
They can be stubborn and independent, not the easiest dog to obedience train. They can be obedient but it is a case of doing so in its own time. Needs a patient owner who will spend time with training.< 
Show Characteristics
The Pekingese should have a large head, being wider than deep. The skull should be broad and flat with good width between the eyes and a wide muzzle. The nose, which is well set between the eyes, should be short and broad with large open nostrils. The large sized eyes should be round and dark in colour. The ears are heart shaped, set level with the skull and carried close to the head. The neck is very short and thick. The chest is short and broad. The front legs should be short, thick and slightly bowed; the back legs should not be as heavily boned as the front legs. The feet should be large and flat; the front feet should turn out slightly. The long feathered tail should be high set and carried over the back. The feathering is also abundant on the ears, back of the legs and toes. The coat should be long and straight with an ample mane extending over the shoulders and round the neck. They should have a coarse topcoat and a thick undercoat. All colours and markings, apart from liver and albino, are acceptable in the show ring.  
Country Of Origin
Famous Examples
Records Held
Overall Exercise
20 - 40 minutes per day.
The Peke needs little exercise when compared with other larger breeds. However they are quite happy to go for walks or to occupy themselves in the garden. 
Distress if Left Alone
Personal Protection
Guard Dog Suitability
Risk of Sheep Worrying
Tendency to Bark
Level of Aggression
Compatibility With Other Animals
Suitable For Children


General Character And Temperament
The Peke is a very regal, dignified, self-confident dog that can be lively and mischievous. They make good pets for all the family, adults and older children alike. The Peke, as a breed, shows no, or little, aggression and is not quick to pick a fight, but they are more than able to stand their ground if they have to. 
Coat Length
Grooming Requirement
Requires Professional Groomer
Grooming the Peke needs to be done on a daily basis, with particular attention being paid to the hair on the legs, between the leg joint and the body and the underside. A daily brush will keep them looking clean, with a more thorough grooming once a week. Due to their facial conformation the creases should be checked and cleaned on a regular basis. Not the ideal breed for someone who isn’t prepared to spend a fair amount of time on grooming. 
The Peke can be any of a variety of colours, the most common being fawn and black, red or parti-coloured. 
Suffers From Allergies

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