How often should I bathe my dog?

If you want a quick guide, for a dog that is indoors mostly and isn't very active when out and about then once every 3 months should be fine, but there are 4 main things to consider:

Smell - If your dog smells unpleasant then they need a bath. Dogs have a natural dog smell which isn't unpleasant but if you notice your dog regularly has an unpleasant smell then you should visit your Vet to check for any skin conditions.

Activity levels - if your dog loves the outdoors and is always digging holes or in the woods then they will most likely have dirt trapped in their fur, some of this may be able to be brushed out but if their fur gets tangled or matted then regular bathing will be necessary. Dogs who go swimming in the sea or river may not need to be bathed very often as this exercise can act as a bath.

Coat length - obviously longer fur will trap more dirt and although grooming will take most of this out if you find the fur is dirty then bathing with a shampoo will help keep the fur clean after grooming.

Vets Advice - if your dog has an allergy or skin condition then it may be necessary to bathe them more or less frequently. Get your dog checked by a Vet if you notice any skin conditions and ask their advice regarding bathing.

Is it bad to bathe your dog every week?

If dogs are bathed too frequently this can dry out their skin and hair coat and may cause problems. Only bathing when it is necessary should help to prevent the skin drying out due to excessive bathing as the natural oils on the skin and coat won't be stripped away too frequently.