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Crash, Boom Howl [02/11/2011]

At this time of year the night sky is lit up with bonfires and fireworks, and much as we may find them pretty and good to look at, your pets donít understand and itís just loud bangs and noises to them, so we have a few tips which will help keep your beloved pets calmer this Bonfire Night.

Petplan have released figures stating that 60% of pets become stressed as the fire works are let off. They have also stated that year on year they receive an increase in claims related to injuries cause by the flashing lights and noises associated with Guy Fawkes Night.

Petplanís Vet of the Year Brian Faulkner said "Many injuries are cause as a result of panicking pets, either running away or getting hurt in an attempt to escape the noises and flashes. If you stay calm and act normal this will help your pet feel safer; avoid leaving your companion alone as they will feel more secure with you around."

He also stated "The loud noises caused by fireworks can be distressing to pets, and they can potentially lead to anxiety, distress, long term behavioural problems or even injuries, it is therefore worth considering what measures you can take to ensure your pets are safe and happy in the run up to Fireworks Night."

Follow these tips to try keeping your pet calmÖ
ē Keep your pet indoors, keep all doors, windows, blinds and curtains closed
ē Put on some music (especially if you have to go out), turn on the TV this will help hide the bangs of the fireworks
ē If your cat is normally allowed out ensure it has a litter tray
ē Just in case your pet manages to escape during the night make sure it has clear identification, i.e. name tag, id chip, id tubes that way you can be contacted when they are found
ē Allow your pets out during the day, take the dog for a long walk before the fireworks start
ē In the case of small animals and outdoor rabbits put their hutch or cage into a quieter room or the garage. If you are unable to do this cover them with a thick blanket or quilt and turn it away from the open garden so they are less likely to see the flashes also ensure they have lots of bedding for hiding in.

Isabella von Mesterhazy, Petplanís Head of Marketing, said "During the winter months especially October and November Ė when the nights are drawing in and there is less visibility on the roads Ė Petplan see a dramatic rise in claims."

She continued "This highlights the need for extra vigilance in the months. However, it is well worth preparing for any eventuality through the entire year."

It is well worth ensuring your pet has good insurance policy to ensure they are covered not only for Guy Fawkes Night but also in case anything happens throughout the year.

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