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It's a dog's life for two at Battersea Dogs Home [06/07/2001]

Could you survive at Battersea Dogs Home for a day... as an inmate? As part of their 'Paws For Thought' campaign, Battersea are on the lookout for the most dedicated dog-owning couple in the country, prepared to change places with their pet and live like a dog for a day.

The ultimate test for any relationship, the chosen couple will be kept under constant surveillance by the Battersea team, treated just like any other four-legged resident and given their own dog run to call home. Whilst the humans are away, a day of unbridled pampering awaits the lucky pooch as its owners pull bits of Bonio from their teeth.

Battersea hope that this 'dog's eye view' challenge will draw attention to the campaign at a time when most families are making their holiday plans. This awareness will generate lifelong habits, putting the welfare of pets alongside that of the rest of the family and thereby preventing neglected family pets from becoming strays.

The Paws for Thought campaign was launched by celebrity dog owner Shauna Lowry on 31st May at Battersea Dogs Home.

The doggone twosome will experience the exact sights, smells and conditions of a real stray dog during its time in Battersea care. They'll be collected from their local police station, taken to Battersea and given a thorough going over by the dedicated team of vets. These tests determine the owner's health, state of mind and, most importantly, nutritional requirements!

The number of dogs the Home receives increases dramatically during the summer months - sometimes twice the number of dogs are taken in per day compared to other times of the year. Many of these dogs have been turned out onto the streets and expected to fend for themselves because their owners have failed to plan ahead.

So, if eating from bowls off the floor, trying not to fall off the sofa whilst grooming yourself and explaining to the policeman exactly why you are defiling that lamppost is all just part of being a dog owner, contact Anne Stevens on 0208 569 9889 for more information.

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