Mikki Soft Pin Slicker For Fine and Medium Coats


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The Mikki Soft Pin Slicker has specially shaped slicker pins which are mounted on an air cushion to enhance grooming action & reduce any excessive brushing force.

  • Removes dead hair from undercoat and top coat
  • Helps brush out minor knots and tangles
  • The flexible head gives a more gentle experience for you and your pet
  • Curved back for natural action

Dimensions: W10.75 x D5 x H22cm

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Good choice. cyngor1 on 13 October 2021
Gee great mum, can I come back for more. Jennywren Derbyshire on 1 August 2021

Yes I wasn't sure at all, when I saw those wires, but I needed a brush to remove my little darlings winter coat, as she would not let me go near her with the porcupine brush, whilst my other young cat lapped it up, but this one no, and he scratched me to tell me so, something he has never done before, sovi had one cat to go and this was madam, yes the madam of the queen world who thinks she is the boss in my home my worktops etc, but after this day was out I would not just see a unhappy cat, I would see a different catcin every respect, I took at least four thick layers of winter coat from her, and to from my other cat, but madam was the one I bought this brush for and was i pleased with the affects it had on me and my three price suite, plus the bedding, so I ventured yet again to brush her and this time there was no biting, no hissing or scratching she lay in my arms as good as gold and to be truthful, I'm hoping this stays like this, or its going to be all out war, and she is going to be poor loser, not myself or my furniture or even her little brother.

excellent product kjm on 19 May 2021

This is the first brush I have purchased for my pooch and he adores getting groomed with it, the bristles are much better quality and softer for comfort.

Fantastic!! raclondon on 28 May 2020

This is the BEST brush for a number of reasons, not least because both cats love being groomed with it! It collects the fur and when you pull the fur out it stays neatly in a mat rather than floating off and scattering all over the place. Its perfect as the cats shed their winter coats.

Well made rogerthorley1 on 20 May 2020

First one I've owned. Well made with nice handle. Short wires with small red balls on tips. Found it great on my Cairn Terriers fur. This has a lot of wires and it does not tugg as much as some. Pulls out his dead hair very well. Would recommend this brush.

Great brush for our cats justjules on 9 February 2020

Excellent brush for our boys. They love being brushed with this. Because it has little bobbles on the ends it is comfortable for them - even our little one who has had a hip operation and normally doesn't like brushes near him.


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