Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box Large L58.5 x W52 x H53.5cm


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The Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box is quick, easy and clean - this amazing cat loo solves all your litter handling problems.

This revolutionary cat loo is what cat owners have been waiting for. Simply roll the tray and then empty the waste from the specially designed grill. There are no parts to remove or store. You have no need of scoops, liners or filters thus saving you money and, best of all from a hygiene point of view, you need never come into contact with the litter.

Your cat will enjoy the privacy of an enclosed cat loo and will also enjoy having a clean litter tray to use.

  • ONLY works with good quality, fine grained, harder-clumping litter.
  • Not suitable for use with wood, paper, large grain or soft clumping litters.

Dimensions: approx. L58.5 x W52 x H53.5cm

Approximate door measurements: H17.8cm x W21.5cm.

Please note colour may vary and, unfortunately, we cannot allow a choice of colour on this product.



Due to hygiene, Petplanet cannot accept returns on litter trays if they have been used, even if they are washed and look new.

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I underestimated this litter tray Cezball on 30 December 2021

I thought it was going to be rubbish to be completely honest. I was very sceptical, however I watched the video and now find it really easy. There's an initial stink when the cat freshly poops, but this doesn't linger and I think I just have particularly stinky cats. Once they have gone to the loo and come out of the unit the smell goes away. The unit needs to be completely turned upside down, not rocked like stated (watch the video) and the turned back to level the remaining litter we do add litter more than once a week like others have stated but we have 3 cats and we do have kinda stupid cats that poke their butt's out the hole sometimes so some litter goes outside of the box. But it's usually just a case of emptying the little box straight into a poop bag and into the bin, no scooping, no messing around. Brilliant easy as 1 2 3 to use...less waste and less filling up..roll box completely Den on 28 December 2021

I have three cats. One of my cats died suddenly. I decided to adopt a rescue cat. This cat was actually an indoor cat and hated going outside to potty. I knew I needed a quality cat litter tray for the spare bedroom. We were shocked to know that the cat we chose came with an inheritance. The funds were spent wisely on this quick and cleaner cat litter system. I watched the video as the box must be turned over completely upside down to empty. There needs to be plenty of room to roll the box. I leave pedal bin bags next to the litter tray with wipes and a dustpan and brush. There is some litter tray gravel stones which leak out but not much. It is a quick easy empty system which allows frequent changes. My previous litter box had to be emptied completely every time causing waste of unused litter being thrown away and the expense of topping up. I now top up once a week but empty three times a day. It does not smell and it has become part of a daily routine rather than a chore. It is a game changer, having an indoor only cat is no bother at all.

Expensive but worth the money Sylvia Scaife on 5 December 2021

I bought this for my granddaughter as she has two new kittens and I have had a similar one in the past. So easy to use even my 4 year old great granddaughter can use it she loves being able to help mummy by rocking it to clean the mess into the tray for her mum to empty.

Expensive but worth it Brenda McNeill on 31 August 2021

At first I couldn't work out how to use it. The directions said to rock it to the right but in reality you need to turn it over on it's head completely. I now do this every morning and happy with the results. It is definitely worth it as far as i'm concerned.

Absolutely love it Wendy Ann Moran on 1 August 2021

I watched the video and thought yeah I bet it dont work that well, it's expensive for a litter tray.....Yes it did work that well, it's definitely worth the money. I keep some nappy sacks on top of the tray, a quick roll over, bang to the bottom, roll it back, empty the waste tray. Jobs done. Highly recommended by my 2 cats and myself

Buy this litter box, don�t be an idiot Jade Skelcher on 30 June 2021

You may be thinking to yourself, hmm, it sounds cool, good reviews but its a bit pricey for a cat toilet. This, is without doubt, the best invention ever. Its so clean. Its so efficient. Its large, yes. Its brown, also yes. Its the best alternative to a robot 600 cleaning cat bog. It is hands down, the best litter box on the market. It doesnt smell, its easy to use, its not an eyesore (its not amazing but its not an eyesore you know). This is the best possible option for you. Purchase it. #NotSponsored. I had to go through forgot my password to post this review. That is how passionate I am about this product. Its awesome.

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Q: Can this be used outdoors?
A: From a safety point of view there are no electrical components so the product could go outside. However, as the item does not have a door it will leave the litter open to the elements and could spoil a lot quicker and require more frequent changing, as there is a risk the rain will get in and clog the litter up as well as making it damp.


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