PRO PLAN Veterinary Diet FortiFlora Cat Supplement - 30x1g Sachets


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PRO PLAN Veterinary Diet FortiFlora Cat Supplement is a probiotic supplement for cats of all ages, including kittens. It contains live "friendly" bacteria that help promote intestinal health and balance, and a healthy immune system.

Each sachet contains guaranteed levels of a unique probiotic strain. It is highly palatable and can be easily sprinkled on the food. FORTIFLORA® can be useful to help manage digestive upsets or poor stool quality caused by an imbalance in the intestinal bacteria. This can occur due to illness, stress, antibiotic therapy, dietary changes or just due to older age.


  • Highly palatable formula – Feline FortiFlora can also act as a palatability enhancer.
  • Can be easily sprinkled on all cat foods. Easy to give; once daily administration.
  • Helps maintain good faecal quality. Can be used for GI disturbances associated with stress, antibiotic use or diet change.
  • Helps reduce free radicals.
  • High levels of vitamins C and E.
  • Safely used from weaning for kittens and for pregnant and lactating cats.
  • Proven to help promote intestinal health and microflora balance
  • Contains the lactic acid bacteria Enterococcus faecium SF68™, at levels proven to help support intestinal health and microflora balance in cats.
  • Helps support a healthy immune system

Suitable for:

  • Gastrointestinal disturbances and loose stools associated with microflora imbalance.
  • Loose stools associated with stress, antibiotic use or diet change.
  • Poor faecal quality in cats of all stages (kitten, adult and senior)
  • Palatability enhancement for cats with poor appetite

???????NOT suitable for: Cats with specific food allergies

Contents: 30 x 1g sachets 


Fresh drinking water should always be available.

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Cats love it Andrea on 7 November 2023

Bought on vets recommendation. It has really helped their digestion. My older cat has a very delicate stomach which causes bouts of diarrhoea. I use a sachet once a day mixed with food and problem solved! Added bonus cats love it.

Great value YoshixMugen on 18 February 2021

Bought this as recommended by breeder, it really helped with the stomach of our new kitten, no more diarrhoea runs around the house when I wake up in the morning!

effective. Gedas on 27 September 2023

this was recommended by our vet alongside Hills z/d diet, and the combination seems to have stabilised our bengal kitten's gut. he went from having diarrhea 2-4 times a week to 2 times this month. definitely worth trying this out if you've a bengal or any other breed that's prone to getting the shits.

Feeding Guide

Sprinkle 1 sachet daily over your cat's regular food. Water should always be available.

One sachet is given daily and although improvements in signs of digestive upset may be seen within a few days, for maximum effect FORTIFLORA® should be fed for 30 days.



Meat and Animal Derivatives


  Analytical Constituents
Protein: 55%
Fat content: 19%
Crude ash: 9.5%
Crude fibres: 1%
Nutritional Additives mg/kg:
Taurine: 2 480
Fe: 1 070
I: 17
Cu: 265
Mn: 275
Zn: 2 260
Se: 1.57


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