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Traditional collars put pressure on the front of the throat, causing dogs to keep pulling even while choking but the Gentle Leader stops your dog pulling on the lead and does not choke your dog. The nose loop goes around the dog's nose and jaw and acts in the same way as a pack-leaders mouth - this is a clear signal to the dog that you are the leader. It has been scientifically designed to direct the dog's entire body by controlling the head and nose and wherever the nose goes, the body will follow.

The neck strap puts pressure on the back of the neck which causes an instinctive relaxation response when the dog tries to pull forwards. The dog will instinctively lean back against the pressure, putting an end to pulling on the lead forever. Through its calming effect the Gentle Leader can help shy, nervous or fearful dogs to relax and gain greater confidence. It will also calm boisterous dogs of all sizes and enable dogs to be trained to be sociable and obedient, calmly, quickly and effectively.

Even whilst wearing a Gentle Leader, your dog can still eat, drink, bark, pant, etc. When happy with the level of control the Gentle Leader can easily and simply be converted into an ordinary collar by using the neck strap as you would an ordinary collar and using the nose loop as an extension of the lead.

Fits Girth: up to 50cm
Fits Nose & Jaw: up to 30cm

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Amazingly brilliant mary-griffin3 on 19 January 2018

My 10 month old cocker was an absolute nightmare to take for a walk. Always felt that I’d either be trailing behind her on all fours or my shoulders would be pulled out of the sockets. Now, I can’t wait to take her out and about & are both enjoying the experience. Fabulous invention

Perfect, Angelina on 18 August 2017

Perfect stops my spaniel from pulling on lead

Fabulous Rosy on 24 November 2011

I bought this after my lab pulled me over and i ended up with a black eye Hes now like a different dog I used to have to cross the road if another dog was approching for pulling so much but now he cant pull at all Highly recommended

so far so good! L Foale on 14 September 2010

I received this today, and my very strong and active basset boy didn't mind this atall, and immediately walked at my side. (he has had a halti before, but this made for an even calmer walking experience). I can't comment on the longevity obviously, but after the initial walk I would be willing to but this again if it only lasted a short while. As per usual I can't fault P.P. and wouldn't get my dog products from anywhere else. Thank you.

Great Product jodie-griffin on 17 August 2010

i can now walk my 8 month old labradoodle without him pulling me over! Hes a very big, strong dog but walked lovely with this on and it didnt seem to bother him at all, hes not pawed at it or tried to remove it. Also great value for money

Brill wetheundersigned1 on 20 May 2010

I have a lurcher cross who loves to pull and take me for a walk. I've tried a halti but she got into the knack of pulling that off. I have now tried the Gentle Leader and although it was a bit of a faff trying to find out what whent where, It has certainly stopped her pulling way so much. She still goes on her back legs and dances when wanting to chase things but my arm isn't pulled out of the socket. Walks are begining to feel good. She does try to get the collar off her nose but gives up on this when its not working. I ordered the medium collar as she is a lurcher/german shepherd cross - nearly 2 yrs. But this is a little on the large side for her so I will buy a smaller one AS WELL - can't see me taking her for a walk without one now. Now all I have to do is buy a stunning lead!

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Q: Can you tell me if the pack includes an actual lead with the collar or if not a suitable one for german shepherds
A: This pack does not include a lead. There is no specific lead we can recommend for this product or German Shepherds, it is simply a matter of researching the different leads in our lead department. If you choose one and when it arrives decide it is not suitable remember you can take advantage of our exchange service.


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