SmartCat Bootsies Combination Scratcher


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SmartCat Bootsie’s Combination Scratcher can be placed on the floor for your kitty to attack and scratch away at, or wall mounted so that your larger cat can stretch out fully without running out of a scratching surface. It is very important for cats to have a durable scratching post to help them tone their muscles, to remove old nail sheaths from their claws and to help relieve stress.

This Bootsie Combination Scratcher is made from fibrous woven sisal which is much more durable than wound sisal and this means that your feline friend will get much more use out of it. It is a sturdy scratcher with rubber feet to provide stability and prevent slipping while on the floor and comes with an easy to set up wall mounting system. There is also a nylon rope included so that you can hang it from your door if you prefer. Just decide where your cat is most likely to scratch and place it there. Hopefully, scratching your furniture will now be a thing of the past!

Dimensions: approx. L63 x W18 x D6.5cm

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Cats love it Anon on 17 May 2024

I put the scratcher down where the naughty cats have been having a field day scratching new carpets and looking ecstatic about it. Both cats have transferred from the carpet to the scratcher and seem just as happy, so its working. I couldnt be happier. The item is solid and well made. Worth every penny.

An instant favourite Tizz M. Catfella on 26 March 2024

Usually, when new things come into the house, there is a pause while the cats check it out. This scratcher had barely hit the floor before it was in full use. It's been wonderful for my three very elderly cats who can't really manage the standing on two legs to hone my claws any more. This just involves sitting and going for it. After the beasties took the first one so readily to heart, I bought a second about a month later. Now, they double up as cat sitting places (when newspapers or letters are unavailable. I thoroughly recommend.

Brilliant judithgussin on 13 September 2023

Our previous cat would not use ordinary upright scratchers and preferred the stairs and the sofa but transferred her attention to one of these when we bought her one. We bought a new one for our new rescue cat and her again loves it. she was sharpening her nails within 24 hrs and now also spends a lot of time sleeping on it. I think the fact that it is flat, but slightly raised off the floor has made all the difference. Many thanks

Smartcat scratcher Morejam on 12 July 2023

The scratcher is fine. Unfortunately my cat is a rescue cat and hasn't quite got the hang of how to use it. I've been trying to demonstrate by scratching it myself while he watches and we are slowly getting there. I've sprinkled the catnip on it but he's not very interested in that either. Being a rescue I think he's had a rough time and is nervous of anything he's not used to. He's a lovely big ginger chap and I love him to bits even though he's not even lived here for a month. I shall continue to persevere trying to convince him how to use it and am sure we will get there eventually.

My Cat Loves It! Traszie on 3 July 2023

This is a well made product with good weight to it and looks nice! It can be laid on the floor or there is a hook facility so that it can be hung vertically, if you cat prefers that! There is good strength in the scratching surface and my cat uses it a lot. Would definitely recommend!

Nice Anon on 10 April 2023

I bought in addition of the post for an horizontal scratching option The kitten scratches it and even rests on it The whole collection is a success for us


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