SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box


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A great toy for your kitty! This SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box will drive your cat or kitten wild as it provides opportunities for your little tiger to stalk, pounce and ambush prey-like toys. Cats have an instinctual desire to watch cracks and crevices, especially when they know that something is hiding just beyond their sight. The Peek-a-Prize Toy Box is designed to build on your cat's instinct by partially hiding some of your cat’s favourite toys, and your cat will go crazy fishing them out, but in a good way!

Cats can become bored with the same old activities and so this Peek-a-Prize Toy Box was designed by an animal behaviourist to stimulate problem-solving abilities, provide exercise, and relieve boredom in cats.

Made from heavy duty wood making it strong and durable, it comes with two balls to start the fun. Add more toys to it and, for extra fun, put a few food treats inside! The holes are strategically placed to provide added interest but remember to rotate the toys in the box so they are always digging for something different.

Dimensions: approx. L34.2 x W34.2 x H7cm

Please note: the balls are not indestructible, all play must be supervised. Replace toys once worn.

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Purrfect cat present Tigers mum on 25 December 2019

We have a big fluffy Norwegian forest house cat, that loves toys, we bought him this for Christmas, a big hit right away, the holes are plenty big enough to get his paws in, hours of fun for him.

Hours of fun for cats! Harry Moffat on 26 November 2018

My cats love it you can put treats in the holes so that they work harder to fish out the treats. I recommend it to everyone who has a cat!!

Great cat toy cahiloui on 26 November 2018

Good quality toy, should be hours of fun for cats.

My cats love it, Gracie on 29 October 2018

Well made and constructed, hours of fun, excellent.

Great service & very popular! Siobhan P on 18 September 2018

Bought this as a gift for a very kind cat foster lady, who had a beautiful feline house-guest who needed to burn off energy even though he had to be indoors for a period. He was quite a young male cat, coming from difficult circumstances, trusted his foster but not brave enough to leave his room, yet enjoyed play, especially things that he had to "get" or chase, that presented a bit of a challenge. Personally I found the service excellent, delivery was extremely swift. The lady in question said the cat LOVED the box, it came with two toys but you can easily add in different toys or treats. Kept him entertained, expending mental and physical energy rather than getting bored, frustrated or having a build-up of unspent energy (which is never helpful with a cat that needs to be outdoors but itn't ready to). Potentially a great gift for any cat as it provides adaptable play, and with a professional delivery service.

Hours of fun dtimmisandbjones on 16 February 2018

Our Bengal is never the easiest to please when it comes to games that will keep him busy for longer than 5 minutes but this is definitely keeping him busy!


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