Iris 2-in-1 Antibacterial Cat Litter Box L52 x W37.5 x H42.25cm


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This incredibly versatile Iris 2-in-1 Cat Litter Box features a pull-out tray at the bottom for tray liners, making it easier for you to change and also save on the cat litter. The extra wide entrance allows your cat to come and go freely and you can always remove the top part if your feline friend prefers an open cat litter tray.


  • Inside there is a paw cleaning grid and a handy scoop, which sits in the holder at the side
  • The door part lifts up to give you easy access and the entrance door is also removable if required
  • Antibacterial litter box
  • Handle on top for easy manoeuvrability
  • Filter and air vent
  • Pellet litter is recommended for use with this tray

Dimensions: approx. L52 x W37.5 x H42.25cm
Entrance: approx W20cm(bottom), W16cm (top)x H19.4cm
Entrance height from floor: approx. 10cm
Tray liner: 30 x 45cm


Replacement filters are available from PetPlanet on 51362



Due to hygiene, we cannot accept returns on litter trays if they’ve been used, even if they are washed and look new

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I LOVE IT! zanin on 5 August 2021

Great litter box! I recommend it to every cat owner.

As first-time cat owner, very happy with this litter tray. Chatouille on 6 July 2021

This is a great litter tray for my kitten and as she grows. It is a sifting litter tray so it's important to buy the correct litter to enable it to work properly. I buy wood pellets (the Pampuss Wood Cat litter on here) and the whole system works splendidly. In the tray underneath I put a liner to catch the wee (I found a liner that fits this system perfectly from another well known web retailer - this I change every 2-3 days.) The litter on top therefore stays dry as any wet litter turns to sawdust and can be sifted through the tray using the poop scoop. Solids are easily removed from the litter by lifting the hood. I bought the wrong litter initially - a clumping litter which does not work well with this type of tray! The wood pellets smell really nice. I don't think the deodorant filter does anything at all so I won't be replacing it. I love the fact that it is very lightweight and easy to clean, which I do every 7-10 days. I was so pleased that I bought another one of these as it's useful to have two.


Cat loves it so do I. Easy to clean.

easy to clean Andrea Bamber on 7 April 2021

Love this, much larger than I expected but the concept is great and I couldn't find another like it. Not sure on the air freshener though just seems a dried out piece of card- am I missing something? Prompt delivery

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT Canan Ozkan on 17 February 2021

This is the best cat litter tray for wood pellets. I bought one 2 years ago and it is still going strong. Instead of using the bottom tray I have bought a snug plastic container for the box to go into and so I have a bigger gap for the saw dust to fall into. I have recently bought a second because its the best at a moderate price and have used as shown. This time I have to empty bottom more often at around 6-7 days but I still love it and my cat uses it so he must love it too! Don't hesitate go ahead and buy, also the I had a slight issue with the litter tray, CUSTOMER SERVICE ARE GREAT AND RESPONSE QUITE FAST. Thanks pet planet for selling great products at decent prices and excellent customer service.

Great tray litter tray Louise on 16 February 2021

Not much to add to the reviews below. We researched little trays before buying this one and found it to be one of the only ones widely available with a pull-out urine tray. As others, we use wood pellet litter and line the tray with a puppy training pad. We change the pad and clean the tray at least once per day and remove solids as they are done. Six month kitten has no problems with the hood. Excellent product at a great price.


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