Iris 2-in-1 Antibacterial Cat Litter Box L52 x W37.5 x H42.25cm


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This incredibly versatile Iris 2-in-1 Cat Litter Box features a pull-out tray at the bottom for tray liners, making it easier for you to change and also save on the cat litter. The extra wide entrance allows your cat to come and go freely and you can always remove the top part if your feline friend prefers an open cat litter tray.


  • Inside there is a paw cleaning grid and a handy scoop, which sits in the holder at the side
  • The door part lifts up to give you easy access and the entrance door is also removable if required
  • Antibacterial litter box
  • Handle on top for easy manoeuvrability
  • Filter and air vent
  • Pellet litter is recommended for use with this tray


  • Overall: approx. L52 x W37.5 x H42.25cm
  • Entrance: approx W20cm(bottom), W16cm (top)x H19.4cm
  • Entrance height from floor: approx. 10cm
  • Tray liner: 30 x 45cm
  • Sieve holes: 3mm x 15mm


Replacement filters are available from PetPlanet on 51362



Due to hygiene, we cannot accept returns on litter trays if they’ve been used, even if they are washed and look new

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Fantastic ksmsm on 11 December 2023

I never thought I could get so excited about a litter tray..but I was wrong! This is a REALLY well designed bit of kit. I feel this was designed by someone who actually HAS cats and has used annoying litter trays before. Like many other reviewers after receiving the first one I used it for two days and quickly bought another one as a back up. I'm not sure my life would be worth living if something happened and it broke, and my husbands life would definitely not be worth living if he broke it! Anyway, joking aside, this is a great tray. And why do I say goes.. 1. the lid is hinged so you can open the front of it, it stays open by itself, and easily reach all the litter without having to unclip the whole of the lid and sit a potentially dirty lid on your carpet which is what i've had to do with other trays I've purchased. 2.It is saving me a fortune on litter. Someone suggested using the Pampuss wood litter (also on Pet Planet). I usually go through a lot of litter so purchased two 30litre bags. There was definitely no need to do that. I reckon a 30litre bag will last around 2-3 months. I put a reasonable amount in as soon as I bought the tray and only changed it fully 2 weeks later. It didn't even really need to be changed at that point but I felt guilty cos i'm used to changing my old tray every couple of days. 3. It does exactly what it says it will do which is quite a rare thing with appliances these days. It's well designed so that the sides of the tray dip towards the centre slightly and the area of the tray that has the holes to let the wet litter through is smaller than the collection tray so nothing goes over the sides of the collection tray. 4. The plastic insert designed to catch any pieces of litter when the cat comes out of the tray works really well. I find the tray is perfectly large enough with the insert in place but if you don't want to use it its easy to remove. We've had maybe four bits of litter on the carpet in over two weeks which is brilliant. 5.The plastic collection tray underneath easily pulls in and out and is very quick to clean. I've been using puppy pads (I bought the PetPlanet 100 pack)inside it and change the pad once a day. The Pet Planet own brand are nice and slim and I just fold them slightly to get them to fit in the tray. 6. This has been the first litter tray I've used that actually doesn't smell. It is SO much nicer for my cats. I tend to just use the scoop to move the litter around a couple of times a day so any of the wet sawdust falls through to the collection tray, and obviously I remove any poos as soon as I can. This really has been a game changer for making it far more pleasant for my cats and far more pleasant for the rest of the house. So there you have it. Would I recommend this tray. I 100% would (in case that wasn't clear from my glowing review!). Are there any negatives. Not really a negative but doing a full tray clean where I take it all apart and give it a good spray and clean does take a bit longer than my old tray BUT i've only had to do that once so far whereas I was having to do that every couple of days with my old tray so I don't really consider that much of a negative. I wouldn't want to be without this tray now and i'm sure the cats wouldn't either.

lifesaver Jess on 21 November 2023

i never write reviews for products but this litter tray has changed my life. Everyday was a battle between me and the sawdust that comes from wood chips once used by my cat, it got everywhere - clothes, floor, carpet, rugs, my bed, and with my cats long fur his paw fluff would also traipse it across the rest of my house too; onto the stairs and downstairs carpet. With money struggles recently I havent been able to buy a new tray like this sooner but the second it was on offer I decided to just do it and it's been worth every penny. My house is clean again. I've not seen a spec of sawdust anywhere aside the tray since I bought it weeks ago now and it's also been less wasteful as only the clean litter (/waste u can scoop) is left behind and being able to lift the whole front has been a game changer too - no more sticking my hand through the door! My only regret is not buying it sooner as I've been irritated by this sawdust for 3 years now but as I say - normally these are more expensive and there's not a lot of hooded sieve ones available

Definitely worth trying.. linjo on 21 November 2023

I've just moved and my cat needed to stay indoors for a number of weeks. He's nearly 14 and his pee is beginning to smell stronger so I was looking at alternatives to keep his tray cleaner for longer - this did the trick. I took the tracking shelf off because it reduces the space inside too much. Like others, I bought the Amazon basic puppy pads to line the tray which I change twice a day and then I completely wash the whole tray every 5-6 days. I'm unsure if this is more cost effective taking the price of the pads into consideration but it certainly keeps the tray cleaner for longer, and smelling better, so I'm happy with that. I would definitely buy it again.

Best litter trays ever Raye on 21 October 2023

I bought 2 of these 6 years ago for an 8 year old cat and a 16week old kitten after having to change to wood litter because the kitten ate everything else. They were used to hooded trays but without doors on. These however I just set up doors and everything and never looked back. 6 years later both litter trays (and both cats) are still going strong, no damage or breakages. They save so much litter and are so easy to keep clean. Ive just bought another for my 5 month old ferret because Im going down litter like lightening. I have absolutely no doubt that Ill be just as impressed with this as I was when I bought the first 2. If you use wood litter and are looking at these stop doubting, they are worth every single penny regardless of the price. Would I buy more if I needed them? Silly question, yes absolutely!!

Just what we needed Renata on 22 September 2023

Got this litter box because I wanted to change to wood pellet instead of clay litter. Also, I wanted to make my life easier when it comes to cleaning the litter. Thankfully both of my cats accepted the new toilet; however, first, I took the top off, a few days later, used it without the front bit then finally put the door on as well. I like that it can be used in many different ways, depending on your cat's preference. I got the Petplanet's own puppy training pad, using only half of it because it is big enough to cut. Made cleaning the litter tray much easier, with a low maintenance cost. Highly recommend.

Fantastic Anon on 11 December 2022

I was very sceptical on this litter tray as one my my cats who is a very small nearly 3 yr old refuses to go through the catflap, so she still has a litter tray. I got fed up sweeping litter off the floor whilst she digs down to Australia! The quickest way to wake you up is standing on sharp litter at 5am! I did take the little flap off as i knew damn well she wouldn't go through it, I filled it with the wood pellets and lifted up the whole front - she looked at it with utter disgust and crossed her little legs most of the day! Then I heard to sound of moving wood pellets - she used it! Sigh of relief!! I use since lowered the whole front back down (still no flap attached) now she's used to it, I did have to take the foot grill off the doorway too as she wouldn't stand on it and it ust got in the way. It's the best litter tray ever! No litter at all kicked over my floor. I did buy biodegradable extra large puppy pads to line the bottom collection tray as it makes it so much easier to clean. One large pad cut into 4 fits the tray perfectly. The wood pellets are amazing, I only have to refill the box once a week now instead of twice a day. When wet they just crumble to saw dust and drop through the grate. What seems like an expensive litter tray is paying for itself saving me loads of money on litter. Fantastic box!


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