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Turn your cat’s meal into a challenging game and incite natural foraging instincts with this Catch Cat Slow Feeder. Many cats lack mental stimulation that can lead to boredom but this feeder will encourage your feline friend to use his or her paws to catch the food. Simply scatter the food across the feeder and watch your pet work to get at it.

Made from hard plastic without phthalates, this feeder has been designed to resemble a tuft of grass and can be used outdoors. It is a fun and mentally challenging way to feed your cat which results in a happier, healthier pet. It turns food time into foraging fun rather than a race to devour everything in seconds.

Dimensions: approx. L26.5 x W23 x H6.5cm

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Useful EmmaS on 26 August 2014

I have a 1 year old maine coon who likes to wolf down his food If he eats his biscuits too quickly sometimes he is sick so weve tried a number of ways to get him to slow down including 5 small meals per day and hiding his food all over the house This product is great as it takes him quite a while to get all the biscuits out whilst keeping his brain active

Cat slowt feeder PhysioLoz on 6 January 2015

Bought the Cat slow feeder for my very greedy moggy who is very prone to gaining weight as she hoovers up her food so quickly Simple concept and design Pour the food in to the feeder and it settles between the plastic spikes meaning she has to use her paws to scrape the biscuits out It slows her down whilst eating and gives her some stimuli to keep her occupied for a while Works very well but a bit pricey for what it is

kamperia on 27 November 2014

Obviously great quality product made of very robust plastic. The only problem is that my cats take a walk with it in their effort to catch food because the little rubber bases underneath are not enough to keep it steady.

gill604 on 8 September 2014

It is obviously a good quality product but it is quite large How successful it is depends on the cat one of my cats hated it and refused to use it as he does not like using his paw to get his food but the other one was really interested and used it with no problems


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