Adaptil Express Tablets - 10 Pack


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Adaptil Express Tablets are a natural ingredients based, non-pheromone calming tool that can be used to support dogs during stressful events and facilitate relaxation. They can be used for short term fast acting stress relief, and be administered as little as 2 hours before the required effect.

Adaptil Tablets have been proven to quickly help improve the signs of fear.


The tablets can be used in anticipation of any predictable short-term occasional challenging events that can be stressful for your dogs such as:

  • House parties.
  • Fireworks.
  • Thunderstorms.
  • Travel.
  • Visits to the vet or groomer.

To use Adpatil Tablets administer two hours before the beginning of the expected challenging event, and this may be repeated after 6 hours if necessary. Tablets can be easily given with or without food.

For best results, in some situations (such as fear of loud noises), it’s recommended to use Adaptil Tablets in combination with an Adaptil Diffuser. When travelling, Adaptil tablets can be used before travelling and combined with Adaptil spray in the car.

Quantity: 10 tablets

Ingredients: Adaptil Tablets are a unique combination of GABA, L-tryptophan, L-theanine and B- vitamins (B1, B3, B6, B8, B12) that provide fast and temporary relief.

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Great product dougal34w on 3 November 2016

This is the first time I have used this product but it has helped my two dogs settle when hearing the fireworks that are going off now. The only problem I found was giving it to my dogs. They found it very hard to swallow even when I mashed it up. But we got there eventually and it certainly worked. I will use it again.

Seemed to work bitterapple40 on 19 March 2014

I was nervous about giving Dusty any tablets for his nerves as I hate unnecessary medication but I have to say that I found these worked for my Lhasa who is petrified of storms. As per the packet if I knew one was coming I gave him a dose 2 hrs prior. These worked better than the plug in I have found that him being calm during a couple of storms has had a knock on psychological effect and he no longer panics and no longer needs the tablet. RESULT. Also my dog ate the tablets happily and in fact looked for more than just the amount he was allowed. No need to tempt him with ham or cheese. He bolted his half a tab down also after seeking online advice have also found not talking to my dog when he is scared has helped apparently this can reinforce their fear. They think that they are getting praise for reacting in a certain way in a certain situation. Pet Planet as usual were awesome. very impressed.

One tablet each day kept my Dog quite calm. Thank You. also good value Rio x28Age 7x29 on 13 November 2018

We had more fireworks around us this year - Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Monday was heavy rain and strong winds. Rio had one tablet late afternoon each day. Fireworks were set off from about 7pm till about 9pm. the Adaptil tablets worked well for Rio. He is a beagle/spaniel cross.

They worked for us Nichols926 on 2 October 2018

Our pup does not travel well. She drools a lot. Gave her a tablet before a long journey and for the first hour and a half she slept soundly. On the second part of the journey it seemed to wear off and the drooling began but much less than usual. Would definitely use again. Now on shorter journeys she seems much better.