Zylkene for Medium Dogs - 225mg - 20 Capsules


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Zylkene is a complementary natural calming substance that can help your dog to cope with a stressful situation. It contains a natural product, derived from casein, a protein in milk, and it is very effective for use in helping pets cope when facing unusual and unpredictable situations, or before occasions such as a change in their normal environment.

Zylkene only needs to be given once daily and there are no side effects. It comes in a capsule that is very palatable and easy to give; simply mix with your pets usual food or give as a treat. You can even mix it with liquids such as milk, cream, gravy or the oil from a tin of tuna as it is water soluble.

Supports your dog in the following situations (for example):

  • Kennel stays
  • House move
  • Arrival of a new pet or baby
  • Being at home alone
  • Sudden loud noises, such as fireworks or thunderstorms
  • Travel
  • Vet or groomer visits.



Zylkene has a calming influence that will not sedate your dog and it is also hypoallergenic, preservative-free and lactose-free.

Suitable for dogs from 10-20kg in weight.

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It does help sheilamac on 28 October 2017

Cookie is a very nervous dog and is terrified of fireworks, even though they are far away. I tried this last year and it does help even her. She is still a little anxious but nowhere near as bad as before. With a calmer dog to begin with, I'm sure it would work completely.


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