Beco Bamboo Cat Bowl - Small 17cm


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The Beco Bamboo Cat Bowl is a sustainably made bamboo cat bowl that will last for years in the home, before naturally breaking down once disposed of. A design created to maximise a cats enjoyment at dinner time. The low edge means whiskers don’t get crushed. Made with a non slip base.


  • Low rim so your feline friend can enjoy their dinner without disturbing their sensitive whiskers
  • Made from Bamboo powder, PLA resin (PLA is a plant-based material), Cornstarch & Bran coat/rice husks
  • Dyed with natural food colours
  • Sustainable and natural bamboo, BPA FREE
  • Durable and long lasting. and will completely break down once disposed of
  • Dishwasher safe, strong and durable
  • Non-slip base

Contents: 1 x bowl

Dimensions: External Diameter: 16cm - Capacity: 0.2L

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Lightweight, sturdy bowl Turkish Delight on 30 August 2021

I bought one, then another for my two kittens. They are particularly great for young kittens with the grooves on the side providing easy access. The bottom has silicon feet to prevent it from sliding and being easily nudged aside. They're lightweight but certainly not flimsy. It washes well and I also feel comfortable knowing that they're made from ecologically degradable materials instead of plastic. I can wholeheartedly recommend!

Great design Ruth on 15 December 2020

We got two of these bowls to provide both food and water for our newly adopted cat, and they seem perfect. They grip well on our tiled kitchen floor (she's a small cat but quite an enthusiastic eater) and the dipped sides make it really nice an easy for her to get at the food without squishing whiskers, but still hold the food well. She can get the food out fine too without it getting stuck in edges or whizzing around. I was worried it would be too shallow for water, but actually it holds a nice amount (given how little cats drink and that we refresh it daily) - you do have to put it down carefully, but it's not some precision operation. And, it's more eco-friendly!

Lovely shallow bowl Kay on 27 July 2019

This bowl is sturdy enough to stop it being tipped easily. It is lovely and shallow - perfect for baby hoglets and being shaped llows them to eat from outside the bowl as they grow. Will definitely be buying more.

Great bowls Debbie on 7 January 2019

Bought these to replace existing plastic bowls that my cats have had for a while now. Loved the idea that they were made from organic matter, and the shape has proved to be a real winner for my cats. The waved sides mean that they don't have to stretch their necks over the top of the bowl, allowing a more natural feeding position, but deep enough so that the food doesn't end up all over the floor. Would recommend these, am considering buying more so that I have a spare set while the other are in the dishwasher.

Excellent value griffiaas on 1 December 2018

We bought this for our new kitten a year ago. It’s low and easy for her to reach her food. A year on and it still looks good and used every day.

Good design Memouse on 31 July 2018

One of the draws of this for me was that this was eco friendly. It’s a very shallow dish but still securely holds my little female,Teasel’s, food. She’s a much more delicate feeder than her brother (he has to have his in a puzzle feeder to slow him down) and although it is very different to her previous bowl she had no problem adjusting to this. It doesn’t push her whiskers back which is preferable too. It has quite a broad circumference and so tends to stay still on the mat. It’s light, washes up beautifully, and so far still looks like new. It was excellent value. Am pleased with the purchase. I would say that the shallowness of it may not be suited to a more enthusiastic feeder but have not had cause to check this so cant say for sure.


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