SmartCat Ultimate Top Box Cat Litter Tray - Dark Grey


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This Smart Cat Ultimate Top Box looks really cool for a cat toilet and is more space efficient than a traditional cat litter tray. It is perfect for placing in your bathroom, or almost anywhere, as it not only looks stylish and sleek but also neat and in keeping with your surroundings.

The opening in the lid of the box is big enough for kitty to ease in and out comfortably and the deep litter box prevents any litter spilling out and catches any high sprays too! The holes in the top of the lid are very good for trapping any litter left on your kitty's feet so you do not come home to find litter tracked all over your floor.

This modern design not only allows your cat the privacy needed when going to the toilet but also prevents any small dogs from accessing the litter for "treats". The handy scoop is neatly stored on the side and the reusable liner is economical, strong and durable and easy to lift in and out for cleaning.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Strong, reusable liner.
  • Replacement liners sold separately by PetPlanet.

Dimensions: W48 x D48 x H48cm
Entry hole: W23.5 x D23.5cm

Customer Note: Due to hygiene, we cannot accept returns on litter trays if they’ve been used, even if they are washed and look new.

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Great for large cats Toby's Mom on 25 August 2023

Our maine coon loves this litter box! He's young and pretty spry (3 yo) so he actually has fun jumping into and out of the litter box. We have another particularly large box downstairs that is a standard front opener and he uses them about the same amount, so high recommend especially if you have a larger cat who won't have trouble jumping in and out with the top opener.

Great buy Catlover on 3 August 2022

At first she didn't know how to use it, she was use to a standard litter box with the door on the front, but it didn't take long for her to get it, it's way less mess when she comes out as the top catches the excess litter, little to no odour because the smell isn't trapped in an enclosed box, and I love that I can just take out the blue bag and empty it, she doesn't scratch at it either,If I had known about this type of litter box i would have definitely got this years ago.

Larger than expected Anon on 13 August 2020

But a great littler tray. The cat just cant manage to kick the litter out or wee over the top. Its brilliant

Does what it needs to, albeit massive Mia_1234 on 13 July 2020

This product is great for four reasons: 1 - the cat uses it 2 - theres minimal cat litter strewn on the floor 3 - it smells less than the last one (hooded tray with flap) 4 - the dogs cant get into it What I didnt do when purchasing this litter tray is actually measure how large it would be. I was shocked when it arrived in a massive cardboard box, modest for its contents! Please measure this before you buy it - Im pretty sure the cats in the images are photoshopped, or my cat is just tiny, but she had to pluck up the courage to jump into whats essentially a giant pit of litter, and it took her a few days to adjust. On the plus side, it does exactly what we bought it to do, it makes sense its high so dogs cant get in, and wide so she can move around in it. Also, quality is great and the liner in side and included scoop which fits onto the outside, are great!

Brilliant Litter Tray !! debbie358 on 9 February 2020

My cats were very happy with our previous litter tray... but unfortunately the dog was too!! This tray is perfect to keep the dog out and also excellent for low odour and happy cats. Win-win :)

Great litter tray Lynne on 17 January 2019

Already have a Top Box litter box and was so impressed we bought another. With the front opening litter boxes we found that our little darlings urine sometimes found its way between the top and bottom join of the litter box. No such problem with Top Box as the only join is at the top and therefore even if cats spray the urine stays in the litter box.


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