Feliway Diffuser Refill 48ml


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This Feliway Diffuser Refill is a safe solution of feline facial pheromone, which mimics the cat's natural pheromones, creating a state of comfort and calm. When a cat feels safe in its environment it rubs the area between the side of its face and its chain against the furniture, corners of walls or the bottom of curtains, depositing facial pheromones.


Feliway emits a synthetic form of these pheromones, helping to calm and soothe cats during stressful or anxious times, such as visits to the vet, moving house or the rearrangement of furniture, naturally conveying a message of safety and well-being.

Each pack contains;

  • Includes 1 x 48 ml Feliway Diffuser Refill vial.
  • 1 x Full instructions for use.

Covers: 50-70m2. The diffuser should be checked monthly and replaced every six months to ensure optimum effect.

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Excellent product raymondpountain47btinternetcom on 22 January 2021

I have been using this product for quite a long time and it is extremely effective at calming a cat when they are stressed over certain situations.

A must have for this time of year sandie-Andrews on 3 December 2018

I have been using Feliway for many years now it really does help to reduce stress in cats especially at this time of year ,what with fireworks and Christmas trimmings and flashing fairy lights.

Feliway diffuser mwroberts on 24 January 2018

This product has been so calming during my house move that I have ordered refill bottles which are much cheaper than my local pet shop

Definitely works!! Suzi on 2 October 2017

This product definitely works. My cat is paranoid about any object left on the floor in the house and tiptoes around everything. But with Feliway he became a lot calmer until it ran out when he got really nervous again. Now the refill has arrived and cat is contented again.

Calming for an upset cat! rduffy47 on 20 June 2017

Sanity Saver - Recently Alfie my tom cat died leaving Mercy, my other cat, totally devastated and pining for her best buddy. All day she followed me around like a lost soul and howled all night. I plugged in the Feliway and she has calmed down and seems to be getting on with life after Alfie.

A little bit of heaven in a bottle! Mrs J on 25 May 2017

My two cats sometimes get a bit annoyed with each other and this product calms them down so the house is a peaceful place again.


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