Motorola Bark 200U Duo Sonic Bark Control Collar


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Tired of your dog barking all day and night? Train them quickly and easily to stop barking with the Motorola Bark 200U Duo Sonic Bark Control Collar. Featuring dual Ultrasonic and vibration technology to quickly train your dog, this product painlessly trains your pooch without having to resort to sprays or shocks.


  • Ultrasonic deterrent which is inaudible to human ears
  • 3 ultrasonic settings to match your dogs needs
  • Lightweight
  • Weatherproof
  • Intelligent sensors
  • Dual speakers aimed towards your dogs ears for maximum efficiency
  • Battery included

Training your dog to stop barking doesn't need to be a difficult or painful task involving shouting, sprays or shocks - all you need is a Motorola Bark 200U Duo Sonic Bark Control Collar. This collar releases ultrasonic sounds and vibrations when your dog barks for more than five seconds quickly training your dog to behave.

The five second delay allows your pet to chat with other dogs or the occasional bark, but you pet will quickly learn that extended barking is a no-no. The collar is designed to be snug against your dogs vocal cords to avoid going off accidently and confusing your dog.

The ultrasonic sounds emitted by this collar are inaudible to most people at rate of 25khz/120 decibels. You can adjust the ultrasonic level to chose from high, medium and low, depending on the needs of your pet.

The Motorola Bark 200U Duo Sonic Bark Control Collar comes with a long life battery that will allow the collar to be active for approx. 45 days and is easily replaceable.

Please note: Due to its size, this product may not be suited for tiny dogs and the manufacturer does not recommend this for dogs weighing less than 7kg. Please check the collar size of your dog before ordering.


  • This product is suitable for dogs who normally wear a collar between 28cm to 56cm in length.
  • Weight: approx. 280g.

Train your dog to stop barking with the humane and shock-free Motorola Bark 200U Duo Sonic Bark Control Collar.

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Waste of money Jarvis on 27 April 2017

Just does not work

Pet Planet Says: Thank you for your review. I have emailed you directly. Kind Regards Petplanet Customer Care


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