Kerbl Outdoor Galvanized Pen with Sun Protection Shield

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Let your rabbits, or other small pets, have a bit of outdoor freedom with this Kerbl Outdoor Galvanised Pen which is the ideal way to let them outside in safety.

Made from galvanised steel, this good sized enclosure comes in easy build panels which provide a lot of space for your pets, as well as additional roof height. There are 3 doors set into panels, 2 at the sides and one on the end, which come with a sliding lock, allowing you to access the enclosure where it is most convenient

  • Galvanised steel construction
  • Easy to build
  • Three locking doors
  • Ground spikes
  • Perch
  • Includes sun protection

Not only can you let your animals have a bit more freedom, you can also keep them safe from too much sun by using the Polyester sun cover, which is included. This attaches over the roof apex with Velcro straps to give a useful amount of shade on those sunnier days. The pins that hold the panels together also double up as ground spikes, which when pushed down into the turf give a secure fit, preventing any escapes, as well as any unwanted visitors.

Dimensions: L220 x W103 x H103cm

Can be used for rabbits or other small pets

Customer note: You should ensure that your rabbit has daily exercise in a suitably secure run, please ensure your pet has enough space for living and exercising by taking a look at PetPlanets important Rabbit House Sizing advice.

Click here for advice on caring for your rabbit. This is the RSPCA Guide as supported by the RWAF.

Please click here to view the Rabbit Welfare Association website.

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Ljedwards1966 on 18 July 2017

This is the perfect run for my two bunnies! Great value for money!thanks!

BeckyLingwood on 2 January 2017
Ideal! Dawn G on 15 June 2016

I brought this run as an extension to my Balmoral rabbit hutch and with a few small modifications it is perfect and the rabbits love it. The only thing that would be useful is a cover, however that's not a big issue as they can go inside if it's raining! Is there a cover - didn't see one on the website at the time!

Pros and cons emmainwaring on 2 September 2015

I have now had this run for a week. Upon delivery the box was damaged however the run itself was in tact and all the pieces were in the box. My first problem with the run is the tiny piece of fabric that is supposed to provide shade. Due to the shape of the run it doesn't actually provide much. In my opinion a whole cover should be provided for the roof that is waterproof. This would give the product much more flexibility. I knew this when I bought it though and I planned to make my own cover. My single female bunny is very agile and athletic. She has loved this run as it is double the size of her old one. It has lots of room for her digging box, toys, food etc and space to run. The run was easy to construct though two people are needed due to the size of the run and how you have to hold pieces in place. I was very impressed with the product overall although I do think it will wear over the winter which is why I have scored it lower on the value and quality. Also about 20 minutes ago I looked out of my window to see my rabbit had escaped from this run.. Something that is supposed to be rabbit proof! I bought this run thinking it would contain her as she can't chew her way out (she's tried though!). I am 100% that I shut the doors proper as my bunny is an escape artist and we have three dogs. I'm always beyond vigilant because she's so quick she would be gone in an instant. So my bunny is extremely clever and somehow opened one of the side doors! I think she has been lucky, however this is a big problem for me now. I am going to have to secure the side gates when really they already be secure. I write this review to warn other people that this can happen and to be prepared. I don't want to put you off buying the product because it is a fantastic run. It's just not fully inclusive of all the things you would need - I.e. A better roof cover and safety clips are needed!


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