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This small animal bedding and litter will appeal to all: it is 100% environmentally friendly, being made from recycled paper, virtually dust-free, highly absorbent and has a superior odour-absorbency with no additives or chemicals. It is economical too, as it will last longer than other bedding or litter. The soiled area can be scooped up and flushed down the toilet. Or, as it is made from a natural, organic material, it will make ideal garden mulch. It will give your furry friend a soft, cosy bed over the winter months. Suitable for mammals, reptiles, rodents and birds.

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Great stuff Valerie Emmerson on 26 August 2019

This litter is excellent and stops nasty smells and my rabbits love it. Would definitely use again

Brill Laura Ferguson on 12 August 2019

Brilliant litter. I use it in my bunnies trays and it never let's me down.

Very good seh on 25 March 2019

No odour or puddles to deal with. Rabbits will eat it too. Completely biodegradable, just chuck it on your compost heap.

How do I try D Harris on 3 October 2018

This looks great would love to try it.

Great value robyculle_0 on 12 August 2018

Would love to try

Great value for money! Louisearnold13 on 18 June 2018

The product is easy to use and cleaner than using saw dust.


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