Bronte Glen Senior Gold 7+ Vet Bedding 100 x 75cm


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The go to option for kennels, catteries and the veterinary industry, Bronte Glen’s Senior Gold 7+ Vet Bed is a reliable addition for any dog or cat owner, breeder or within the veterinary industry. With its moisture retentive properties, the vet bed keeps your pet warm and dry and is suitable for nursing and old/ill animals. Also a great addition to any crate, kennel or car for daily use. 


  • Specially developed for dogs & older pets to help ease Arthritis and joint conditions
  • Made from 30% super wash wool and antibacterial polyester pile formula
  • Helps to retain body heat
  • Non-slip backing
  • Machine washable up to 40C
  • Hang to air dry or tumble dry
  • Brush/ vacuum to remove dried dirt.
  • Made in England


Suitable for: All ages of pet for extra comfort, however it is desgined with the older pet in mind and those with arthritis and joint complaints. The material is also hypo allergenic making it suitable for sensetive pets. Can be used in crates, kennels, floors , cars - or anyhwhere your pet likes to rest. 

Dimensions: 100 x 75cm

Customer note: Backing is non-slip, but not waterproof.

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He loves it! Nibe on 14 May 2021

Deeper than the normal vet bed, I thought I would treat my pup, not elderly (3yrs) or infirm. He has a tendency to nibble at normal dog beds so I have stuck to using just vet bed but would dearly like him to have something to snuggle into. Well....he thinks he is in heaven, adores his new bed. Straight away it was a winner. I was a little worried about the backing not being as sturdy as the usual firm knitted backing, this one is flimsier and has rubberised strips across it, but so far he is treating it with respect and not having a fight with it! He seems to sleep more soundly and even be reluctant to get up to use the outside loo! Well worth that bit of extra cost, would love a double bed version for myself please

Won't get up in the morning!!!! janiej2 on 15 April 2021

Huge short coated dog that feels the cold, hates draughts and loves the warmth. Whilst not senior status I was concerned she was a tad cool with current bedding. Within minutes of placing this bedding in her basket she stepped in, lay down and was not for moving. During the really cold spell (Scotland) she slept soundly, and for much longer. Extremely pleased with the quality of this bedding which has met with Bella's approval.

My boy loves it lisparker on 30 September 2019

I got this for the side of my bed as my old boy found getting on/off the bed too much of a struggle. I know it is comfy for him as he sleeps so much better than on the old quilt I had for him & less for me to trip on. Might get another one so I can switch them around when washing it.

Just what I needed for my very elderly dog.. Christine D on 17 September 2019

This bedding is very good for the older heavier dog. As the backing has a none slip backing wash on a warm wash and not to use softener as it will affect the properties of the none slip.

Lovely quality product Cheryl on 13 August 2019

Exactly as it says luxury vet bedding just right level of comfort for our 14yr old labrador with arthritic joints.

He loves it Tiggs on 14 February 2019

I dog absolutely loves it. He is 12.5 years old and now often lies on this mat-like thick bed rather than on the sofa.