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ScoopFree Ultra features all the things you love about the ScoopFree but offers 3 additional features for the ultimate in cat care. Like the ScoopFree it is an automated litter tray that you can leave for up to 30 days. Easy to assemble each replacement cartridge comes complete with crystal litter which locks away odours. Please note that this UK version does not contain FreshStep Crystals as in America but ScoopFree have sourced a comparable alternative for their UK customers. When your cat uses the box it will activate optical sensors. The crystal litter immediately starts to absorb moisture, dry out waste and lock in odours. CRYSTAL LITTER DOES NOT CLUMP.

A 20 minute countdown cycle begins when your cat leaves the box and a light on top of the unit will blink slowly. If your cat returns to the box the countdown cycle will stop and will re-set after the cat has left again. After the countdown, the rake sweeps through the litter and moves the dried-out solids into the waste trap. The crystals absorb the urine. The rake will then reverse to smooth out and level the litter bed. There is nothing to fill, empty or clean for up to 30 days, (this is based on an average sized healthy cat).

The box may require to be changed more frequently if your cat is a kitten, over 10 years of age or overweight. The ScoopFree Ultra also comes with a privacy hood to prevent litter from scattering outside the box. The Rake delay timer can be set to 5, 10 or 20 minutes after your cat uses the litter box. The Scoop Free Ultra also features a health counter which monitors your cats’ use of the litter tray.

Not for use with kittens under 6 months of age

The litter area measures 35.6 x 35.6cm
Exterior dimensions: W69.5 x D48.3 x H17.8cm
With the hood installed: H42.5cm

Contains: Adaptor with 1.8 m power cord 

Please note: kittens may have a softer stool than mature cats, which increases the likelihood that it may stick to the rake. Factors such as size, diet and health can also impact the life span of the litter tray. Cats who consume a diet high in crude fibre, ash and by-products may experience a shortened litter tray life span. Cats over 10 years and cats with health problems may also experience a shortened tray life.

Customer Note: Due to hygiene, we cannot accept returns on litter trays if they’ve been used, even if they are washed and look new.


Customer Note: Due to hygiene, Petplanet cannot accept returns on litter trays if they’ve been used, even if they are washed and look new.

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Zen poo palace Gerrilyn Smith on 13 March 2022

Oh wow ! I know it is expensive but it makes up for it in its efficient disposal! The cats have taken to it - no more delinquent protest messages over the state of poo palace - this is smell free ,clean, tidy - easy to change . No forlorn poops staring at you to be removed ! Invest in this poo palace and enjoy that feeling of feline superiority !

Wish I bought it sooner Bel on 6 May 2021

This litter tray is amazing. The waste doesnt smell at all, and it really cleanly scoops away neatly without any clumping. The rake is extremely quiet and the cats took to it very quickly, as I had already thrown out there old one. This is worth the money because I never have to scoop or smell poop again. I have two cats and this is a lifesaver and really wish I knew about it sooner. I suppose if there is a negative, its kinda big and the colour is beige which is not my favourite, but it functions extremely well. 10/10

So far so good ! Jenny on 29 April 2021

Easy to put together, decent size. Very quiet, all 3 cars used it within 1 hour! So far so good

Thank goodness ! SJP on 18 March 2020

Elderly cat was using two trays several times daily! Now one tray and it is fresh for her each time! I would suggest you still scoop the poop but there is ample time to get to it before the dog does! It is a reach in and sweep round to find it with a dog bag as a glove! Odour is controlled overnight/ until you get home! On 20 min setting as recommended. Great investment !

Pure genius anneashby32 on 2 February 2020

Whoever invented this litter tray deserves a special award. We inherited our indoor cat with some misgivings, but luckily she came with a Scoop free litter box. We are so dependent on it that I keep a spare in reserve, just in case. As our cat ages, we need to change the disposable tray more often i.e. every two weeks or so but this is nothing compared with having to clear a conventional litter tray every day. Plus, after every use the results are cleverly concealed in a covered compartment with no odour. If you haven't got a Scoop free Ultra Automatic Litter Box don't hesitate: order one now and it will transform your life (and also your cat's).

Why did not buy earlier? L Franklin on 14 September 2017

This is amazing! Prior to this I had 2 litter trays and my cat would not use a tray if a poo was visible. I have used this for almost 4 weeks and not had to change the litter (I have redistributed it as cat goes in same spot all the time) and she is continuing to use it. The sound does not bother me and even through she is tiny she is able to get in (which was my worry as front is higher than a normal littler tray). The blue litter is staying in the box better than my previous tray.

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Q: How is the Ultra Automatic powered, ie does it need batteries?
A: This item is mains powered.


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