Vetbed Mat

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The Vetbed is an ultra-soft hygienic bed that keeps your pet warm and dry.

This bed is made of double strength polyester with high fibre density.


  • Higher bulk and superb heat retention than other pet beds.
  • Easily machine washable without deterioration.
  • Hygienic, non-irritant, non allergenic and non-toxic.
  • Keeps pets dry, warm and cosy.
  • Non-slip underside keeps mat in place.
  • Suitable for the Home, Office, Car, Kennel, Basket and Travelling Crate.
  • Made in the UK.

Washing Instructions:

  • 40°C machine washable for normal use
  • 90°C machine washable for occasional disinfection
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Use non-biological detergents
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Excellent product David on 30 September 2022

I bought this Vet bed for my elderly dog and she loves it. Its really easy to clean and looks like new. I wouldnt hesitate in recommending this and Petplanet to anyone.

Worth every penny! Olive21 on 3 March 2022

I thought this was a lot of money for a square of fluffy fabric, but how wrong can you be! My pup just adores it! She rolls on it, plays with it, chews it and uses it as a snufflemat! It washes like a dream and comes out perfect again every time. Take it with us everywhere and she knows she has her bed to lie on safely.

Fantastic product Anon on 18 October 2021

Since buying this, my cat will not sleep anywhere else! She now leaves the rest of the furniture alone, therefore cutting down on cleaning.

Perfect Bee on 1 January 2019

I have an 8 week old standard labradoodle coming home soon he adores vet bedding, his mum and brothers and sisters all have vet bedding currently (he still is with mummy for now) and mum in whelping stages also used vet bedding. Incredible easy to wash and dry - both washing machine and tumble dryer able. When washing the vet bedding just wash it with water though no detergent. Incredibly durable and if anyone knows how messy puppy births can be after 10 pups being born the vet bedding went in the wash, tumble dried and then all clean and back out to the pups again within a couple of hours.

Bunnies love it Sam on 14 December 2017

I have 2 bunnies which live in hutch in garden and as weather got colder I got this fleece and they love it, keeps them warm and comfy

Linda Harris on 24 October 2017

Very good price . Washes really well so is very economical. Not always having to replace.