Boomer Ball

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The Boomer Ball is practically indestructable and, because it is made of high density plastic, it bounces on and on and on. A great way to exercise your dog. Choose a size slightly larger than your dog can hold in his mouth


This toy is not indestructible. All pets should be supervised when playing. Replace toy once worn.

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Arnie my 2 year old rescue Alaskan Malamute X German Shepard loves it. annestewartbrown1 on 21 July 2020

Arnie is big playful pup that destroys his toys in under 30 seconds including footballs and Kong toys but the boomer ball is In a class of its own. I bought 2 of them 10 inch for him and they�re great for in his play garden. I�d like to get a selection of sizes for him when you get them in stock. A brilliant product that does exactly what it says it does. I�d recommend them and I think every dog would love a boomer ball.

Boomer ball Laura Chapman on 4 May 2020

My Belgium shepherd malinois destroys anything and everything in 2 minutes these balls are brilliant for high energy dogs. My dog has a selection in different sizes. Would highly recommend.

Boomer Louisa Darby on 2 January 2020
Best dog toy ever Nora on 26 July 2018

This was bought to replace previous boomer ball which was lost when it floated out to sea. My dog usually destroys balls completely within hours but we had had the previous ball for 5 months and it had suffered no damage beyond a few scratches. He plays with it for at least an hour a day non stop dribbling it for most of his walk. He is 6 years old and a large staffi cross and quite strong but the ball has withstood everything he does with it.

Indestructible ball at last!! chelle on 18 May 2018

Footballs last a mere matter of minutes with my Lab! This ball is remarkable. Firstly, it’s not actually a football as such, it’s an extremely hard plastic ball (almost like a bowling ball). My Lab absolutely loves it. Initially there is frustration as they cannot get their mouth around it to pick it up, but she soon learned how much fun there was to be had with mouthing it and pushing it around the garden. Her favourite game is trying to get it off us when we dribble it around, so great exercise for us too!! Do not be tempted to actually kick the ball, cause it can hurt your foot due to it being so hard (especially with flip flops on) I ordered the 10inch ball for my Labrador and it’s perfect.

Dog loves it Doglover on 25 April 2018

My lab destroys toys at an incredible rate. Most last minutes as he chews everything to bits. The boomer ball has been a great hit with both of us. I bought the 10 inch one to make sure he can't get his very efficient labrador jaws around it and he chases it around for ages. He noses it and plays football with the ball and keeps trying to bite it but it's lasted well so far. The only snag I've found is that the ball is quite heavy so it knocks paintwork off if you let him have it inside the house. Other than that it gets full marks!


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