Rosewood Stainless Steel Coop Cup & Hooks

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The Rosewood Stainless Steel Coop Cup & Hooks is designed to be used in pet crates to hold either food or water ensuring there is no spillage.

The coup comes with a handy hook holder that allows you to secure it to your pet’s crate. This tough coup is made using stainless steel ensuring it will last and be easily kept clean.


If placing in a dog cage PetPlanet recommends the cup is fixed no higher than 9 to 14cm from the bottom of the cage. Do not leave pets unattended until they are accustom to using the Steel Coop Cup.

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great crate bowl jenny173 on 18 September 2023

We are very pleased with the bowl which we are using for an elderly cat - who has to be in the crate sometimes. It is a very big crate for dogs. The bowl is sturdy and hooks easily on the crate. It stays in place and our cat finds it easy to drink from. It cannot be knocked over and is a really useful product. Thank you

Cage dog bowl Anon on 19 March 2023

Nice size bowl, only thing is it needs something to clip it in place as it moves and the water goes everywhere.

Great product Jo on 31 August 2022

Great product, does exactly what it should. Nice deep bowl which reduces spillages, easy to take on/off as it just hooks over the bars on a crate. Easy to clean. Great little purchase.

Good product Anon on 23 May 2022

Well made, sturdy, good fit on cage and good value.

Great value - fits cage and puppy can drink without spillage. Susan D on 17 March 2021
good little bowl frost976 on 2 March 2021

fits onto crate easily and easy to clean.