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The Beaphar Gentle Leader is a unique, patented design that has been scientifically developed to work with your dog's natural instincts in order to control unwanted pulling on the lead. The Beaphar Gentle Leader provides kind and effective leadership, and makes training at home quick, simple and fun for both you and your dog.

A dog's natural instinct is to pull on the lead. The Beaphar Gentle Leader helps to counter this in three ways:

1. Gentle pressure is transferred to the back of the neck, naturally stimulating a relaxation response the same as when a mother carries a puppy by the scruff of its neck.
2. Gentle pressure is applied around the muzzle from the nose loop, communicating your reassuring control.
3. It works like a halter rope – where the nose goes, the body will follow.


  • Easy-to-fit and adjust.
  • Adjustable sliding clamp – to reduce or increase the size of the nose loop.
  • Buckle – forms part of the neck strap, connects either end as you would a collar.
  • Centre double D-ring – enables the nose loop to apply pressure as your dog pulls and instantly release when they stop.
  • Enables dogs to be trained to be sociable and obedient, calmly, quickly and effectively.
  • Even whilst wearing a Beaphar Gentle Leadedogs can still eat, drink, bark, pant, etc.
  • Can easily be converted into an ordinary collar simply by using the neck strap as you would an ordinary collar and using the nose loop as an extension of the lead.
  • Endorsed by leading animal behavourists
  • Designed by veterinary surgeon Professor Robert Anderson, Director of the Animal Behaviour Clinic at the University of Minnesota, USA and Ruth Foster, former President of the American National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors.
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Excellent product Robert Jones on 19 November 2021

Very good product that has helped with training our anxiety suffering dog recommended by our behaviourist. No worry about pulling on the neck or shoulders and helps against pulling somewhat, as of now this product is difficult to get hold of but worth it if you can. Make sure you get one with a closing clasp like this gentle leader has if you can. No regrets and be sure to do you research beforehand on its use.

Amazing!!! molly on 19 May 2020

I have a 10 month old German Wirehaired pointer who is so strong and who I could barely walk as he pulled so much. The first go on this lead and he cannot pull at all and he walks amazing!! He didnt like it to start with and was struggling to get out of it but with treats he now walks so well. He also barks and lunges when he sees a dog or person and this has given us so much more control over him! Would recommend 100%.

Good quality Freya on 23 January 2018

Good quality , easy to adjust

Amazingly brilliant mary-griffin3 on 19 January 2018

My 10 month old cocker was an absolute nightmare to take for a walk. Always felt that I’d either be trailing behind her on all fours or my shoulders would be pulled out of the sockets. Now, I can’t wait to take her out and about & are both enjoying the experience. Fabulous invention

It worked annalou92 on 20 September 2017

I am so pleased with this product. After trying with no results to train my springer lab to heel and spending £40 on a harness that was supposed to stop pulling instantly I had came to terms that he was going to pull forever. On the first use he had stopped pulling. He has tried to get it off a few times but he was the same with the harness so just a case of positive association. 100% pleased with this purchase.

Found this works well for our Flatcoat. Anne Manfield on 19 August 2017

Easy to use. Works well with our Flatcoated Retriever. Medium size used.


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