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Orijen is a BARK (Biologically Appropriate Real-Food Kibble) diet, made with the highest inclusions of fresh, grain-fed chicken and turkey, fresh whole eggs and wild-caught fish, and is literally bursting with the protein-packed meats (minimum 80%) that form a Biologically Appropriate diet with none of the grains or carbohydrates that are inappropriate for your cat.

Available in 2.5 and 7kg pack sizes.

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He loves it WickedRagu on 29 April 2013

My eight week old kitty loves it Glad he is not a finicky cat

Two paws up Cynthia on 20 October 2012

Before there was Acana Orijen was the feline favourite in our house Its great food and a little goes a long way Even though their hearts belong to another food we still keep a packet of Ori around for the finicky cat for her capricious Ill not eat the swill you set before me subcreature days

My cats love it Lan on 4 September 2012

I bought this for my two cats and when I weighed out the amount they needed it looked tiny However my elderly cat couldnt finish all of his and my youngster who never used to finish his now clears the bowl Its a bit pricy but you use so much less I would recommend this

Best Dry Food for CatKitten Molly on 18 July 2012

Ive left a review before as I buy this great food for my Cat since I got her as a Kitten When I take her to the Vet Im always told how beautiful her coat is and that she is in very good health

Excellent food and great price lwoolvett on 4 February 2012

I would recommend this to all cat owners My cat being slightly older took a little time getting used to it but they love it now We Evan for a treat add warm water and bash the food in to make a gravy for those cats that drink little water great way to get them some fluid Cats love it Email me if you want some more instructions how to lukewoolvetthotmailcom

Loved it Xtina on 19 April 2011

My 2 kittens love this but unfortunately due to the price they only get it as a treat I buy the 400g bag They know the bag as soon as it comes out Reduce the price and it could be a contender for best food


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