Joint Aid for Dogs

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Joint Aid for Dogs is a high specification joint supplement for dogs, designed to maintain healthy joints and aid freedom of movement.


  • Maintains flexibility of movement in all working and pet dogs regardless of age, size and level of exercise.
  • Supports cartilage structure and synovial fluid.
  • Helps maintain the natural anti-inflammatory actions of the dog's metabolism.
  • Provides a unique combination of 13 active nutraceuticals. 
  • Contains the unique Oatinol Delivery System to maintain a high rate of nutrient absorption. 
  • Contains high levels of Omega 3 to support optimum health and performance.
  • 100% wheat free.
  • A 100% Non GM, soya free formulation.
  • Manufactured as palatable and easy-to-feed 2mm pellets

It can be fed to all dogs alongside their usual diet from any age at the 'General Support' level to maintain freedom of movement throughout their lives.  For elderly and working dogs, we recommend feeding at the 'Full Support' level.

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Well it seems to work ... christopher-bell on 21 January 2021

We have a 6.5 year old Golden Retriever x Poodle who was definitely getting sore in the region of her hips. Whether this was old age or a consequence of the way she and her mate beat each other up when playing I don't know, but it was definitely there when I handled her in that region. A month into giving her this (spoonful a day, split evenly over am and pm meals) she seems a lot happier and is moving more freely and, more importantly, no longer seems to be in pain in that region. Luck? Natural recovery from injury? Miracle cure? I don't know, but I *do* know that I shall continue to give it to her since it can do no harm and is probably doing good. One minus point for Petplanet: the image on the product shows a tub, but what we got was a flexible bag with one of those "squeeze along line to seal" tops (like a sandwich bag). It doesn't affect the product itself, but it is a lot less convenient than a tub would have been.

As it says on the box Deb on 5 May 2018

Initial use some years ago made a noticeable difference to our dog.

Amazing product pepil on 26 August 2014

I had read previous reviews but remained sceptical However this really is a miracle cure and I have just placed a repeat order after 12 months of using joint aid My 9 year old Viszla was suffering badly with her joints and was often unable to get up without being in considerable pain After only 4 weeks of a daily dose of joint aid she was bounding around like a puppy again 12 months on she has shown no further signs of joint problems and is back to being a happy healthy dog I have been very tempted to sprinkle some on my own food

Wonderful product kathkd on 10 January 2014

My 11 year old labrador has been struggling to walk far as he has arthritis in his back legs but since I started him on Joint Aid at the end of December he has been walking ok and not struggling anymore Absolutely wonderful

Miracle nosh Marijke Muscat on 6 April 2012

I ordered this product because I was encouraged by the amazing reviews and Timmy black labrador was in a bad way He really had difficulties in getting up I have never seen anything work so fast and I am contemplating having some myself Its made such a difference in the shortest time wonderful

Very beneficial mwells on 3 January 2011

Our large dog has been taking this product for 18 months now and there is noticeable improvement in his mobility. Or rather I should say we notice how the stiffness in his legs returns if we run out of the product and he goes without for a while! However I would recommend the 2kg tub (our usual size of purchase) as this works out far cheaper than buying these smaller pouches. Could Petplanet make the 2kg tub available for purchase from petplanet?

Feeding Guide

Dog Size Weight General Maintenance  Full Support
Toy/Small up to 15kgs 2.5g 5g
Medium/Large 15-30kgs 5g 10g
Very Large 30kgs+ 10g 20g

Simply mix with your dog's normal feed. Can be fed to all dogs regardless of age, size or level of exercise. For continued support, Joint Aid is recommended to be fed on a daily basis.

Fresh, clean drinking water should be available at all times.



  • Black Oats
  • Hemp Seed Meal
  • Micronized (Sugar) Beet Pulp
  • Cane (Sugar) Molasses
  • 5% Vegetable Oils & Fats (Oatinol)
  • 2% Glucosamine
  • 1% Chondroitin
  • 1% MSM (Methylsulfonymethane),
  • 0.5% Curcumin
  • 0.5% Collagen Matrix
  • 100mg/kg Piperine Pepper Extract

Nutritional Additives

  • Vitamins (/kg)
    • 1% E302 Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate)
  • Trace Elements (/kg)
    • 50mg E5 Manganese (chelate of glycine)
  • Flavour Enhancers (/kg)
    • 10gm E620 Glutamic Acid

Analytical Constituents

  • 14% Protein
  • 7.5% Oils & Fats
  • 12% Fibre
  • 4% Ash


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