Worlds Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula

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Worlds Best prevents the gummy mess in the bottom of the litter tray. Its exclusive microporous structure eliminates odours naturally without the use of chemicals or perfumes. It is completely safe for you, your family and your cat, being organic, non-toxic and 99% dust-free. Easy to clean up too - it clumps, so you all you do is scoop it out. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, this litter is flushable and will decompose naturally no matter how it is disposed of. Because you don't have to clean out the tray as regularly, you don't have to buy as much!

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Brilliant Chace-Jordan on 13 November 2019

Have two cats a 1 yr old and a 5 month kitten have tried lots of litters as am in a flat and they are house cats nothing has been as good as this at odour control I only brought a small bag as I have brought large bags of other stuff and the. It’s been rubbish so thought I’d try it first and I’m happy to say it’s brilliant very easy to scoop wet waste just a quick shake of tray and you can see the clumps easy to scoop I tried wood pellets but but the cats hated it to hard on there feet and they promptly let me know by choosing other places than the litter box but this gets 8 ?? from both monkey and disco for how soft it is and how easy it is to dig in

Great Litter & Easy to Clean MrsW on 6 November 2019

We've been using this clumping litter with our Iris Open Top boxes, and have found it to be great. Clumps up well, sifts well, and masks the smells great; just make sure to clear out any clumps quickly, as with number two's you're still always going to get smells.

Excellent litter Olivia on 28 September 2019

I have a cat approximately 6 years old. She has access to the garden, but is in at night. She has been happy to use the litter tray with the World' Best litter for a year or so. I find it very easy to pick up the clumps of used litter and there is virtually no odour at all from the tray. It doesn't seem too dusty. Although it says on the bag that it could be flushed away I don't fancy trying it! I always buy the largest size bag as I think it is more economical. It always arrives well packed and although it is a bit heavy to carry from the front door to the back of the house, it's worth it.

Excellant DAW on 8 February 2019

My cat seems to like it too !

Good product stephaniejolmo on 19 October 2018

This litter makes cleaning and keeping the area tidy much easier: No dust, it can be flushed, clumps well and does not smell. Our cat likes it too! Best we tried and we will continue using it.

alison m on 7 August 2018

This is worth the money, so much better than other litters.


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