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The Pet Corrector emits an inert gas, like fresh air, which mimics a hiss sound to interrupt undesirable behaviour.

Snakes, insects and birds such as geese use the hiss sound to drive off predators, and our domesticated pets have the same sensitivity to this sound. Situations in which the Pet Corrector can include unwanted barking, jumping up, stealing food, place avoidance and aggression.

  • Free training guide included.
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Works well val-w on 3 September 2019

This product does what it says. My Jack Russell puppy insists on hassling my two cats but after just a couple of sprays I only have to pick up the can now and he stops in his tracks. Works on barking too but he is a bit more resistant with that, needing two or three reminders before he stops.

A great product Dash on 13 November 2017

I was advised to get one of these by a dog behaviourist i used, to deal with our over exuberant dog. Our problem was barking and jumping up at visitors to the home. After advice on how to use it effectively, it worked a treat and a truly think our dog is relieved that she doesn't have to be so dramatic when people arrive. Our golden rule was to use a key word down with our dog, and after 10 seconds if she hadn't done as asked, a blast of the corrector into the air (not on the dog) soon rienforced the command. We still use as a reminder sometimes, but the household is more relaxed these days. I would reccommend this product.

Great value Lynn George_Evans on 26 July 2017

It works well

did the job skipsy on 26 July 2017

Works well for us..stopped a terror of a terrier from jumping up and nipping at our elbows used it four times now we just show him the can and he backs off, and it also helped stop a neighbours year old dog from bouncing up and nipping them after a few uses it's well worth a try but like all things it may not work for all dogs..depends on the dog..and the person training the dog..

Easy to use buddy13 on 28 February 2017

This is good it works to help correct barking

Good product, pricey though for only 50ml P Brown on 23 January 2017


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