Epiotic Ear Cleaner

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Epiotic is an antiseptic, antifungal and ceruminolytic ear cleanser designed to remove crusts, dirt and scales and to dry the ear canal.

Available in 60 and 125ml sizes.

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fantastic product gerry on 4 April 2023

Within 1 day, my Goldens ear was almost clear and no rancid smell. I would recommend this if your dog has smelly ears/issues. far cheaper and probably more effective than a lot of vets.so good i've purchased 2 more to keep in the cupboard

Does a great job. Low on 30 November 2018

I’ve used this product for 3 years it’s very good indeed , as are other virbac products I’ve used.

Loved this product, so easy to use! greenmaggie on 7 August 2018
Excellent jeff on 2 August 2018

this product is very good and it keeps dogs ears fresh and safe from wax and mites....4 happy shichons

So far so good Pinkwoowoo on 17 January 2018

I’ve just started using this on my dogs. Partly on recommendation from a friend and partly on the reviews. So far it seems to help clean their ears and they’re not scratching so much. They don’t have ear infections or mites they just seem to get mucky ears, so this is ideal to keep them clean and less itchy.

Ear cleaner Jacs on 4 December 2017

I bought this for my mam's dog as he'd previously had an ear infection which didn't fully clear up. This cleared it up without the expense of a vet bill


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