Mr Johnsons Supreme Guinea Pig Mix

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Mr Johnson’s Supreme Guinea Pig Mix is a tasty complementary feed that is fibrous and nutritious with a wholesome blend of steam flaked peas, cereals, grass, alfalfa, pellets and extrusions. It also includes a special Verm-X herb blend that supplies your pet with a healthy food in a variety of textures to encourage your guinea pig’s natural foraging instinct.


Fresh clean water should always be available.

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Great value yvonnewheatley on 14 January 2019

My guinea pigs love this and it's a really good price!

Great food chris r on 12 May 2018

My two piggies are fussy when it comes to food, they don't like pellets. This is the first mix I've tried that they eat everything, usually they pick out their favourite bits and leave the rest. Judging by the squeaks I get from them at feeding time, I think this is a tasty mix.

Excellent Very Happy Guinea Pigs Loki on 21 November 2017

My guinea pigs love this food. They are very fussy with what they eat but their bowl is clean every time with this food. It is slightly more expensive than other brands but there is a lot more yummy foods in it.

Lovely feed Alison Swanton on 30 July 2016

Has proved very popular with my 2 guineas and whilst they always prefer fresh leaves this is certainly their favorite dry treat. Has a lovely even mix of all their favorites and the flat nuggets are quickly devoured followed by carrot and flattened peas. I definitely recommend to any guinea pig butlers! :-)


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