Anco Roots Dog Treat

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These strange looking treats are more than meets the eye. Made using Tree Roots from sustainable sources, these Dog Treats are extremely durable, long lasting and act as an effective natural toothbrush.
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Perfect for GS dog moortosee on 29 December 2013

The large one is perfect for the GS dog she loves it the smaller one is ideal for the rabbits who took a time to get the hang of it

Loved by GS Dog and Large Rabbit moortosee on 29 December 2013

The GS dog loves it and it is the perfect boredom breaker instead of the furniture

My dog loves these Zizou010812 on 6 August 2013

These are great long lasting treats we bought them at Crufts and are delighted that I can now buy from petplanet The large really is quite big so if you have large breeds like a retriever German shepherd or the like a large is perfect we got the medium for our retriever pup but hes graduated to the large now These roots also last for ages 4 months is the longest hes had one and they dont get mushy or smelly when left Very happy with our purchase

A good durable chew Margaret on 8 November 2014

Our Cocker Spaniel enjoys a good chew on his root and we are happy that it is safe to leave him with it If only we could persuade him that the furniture is NOT also for chewing

Not what I expected agent4194 on 30 January 2014

I have three large dogs who already chew antler they all like chewing wood so thought Id give these a try Cant say Im very impressed the product is very hardsplinters into very sharp shards and personally I think they pose a hazard to your dogs health if swallowed They may soften when wet ie chewed but my initial impressions are that I could have just given them a hard wood log out of the garden to chew and saved a none specific tenner Would not buy another one Ill stock to the antler which is far more fibre like when chewed and cleans better with no threat posed to the Animal

prefer stag barsless mess Libbys mum on 2 October 2013

My 18 month old Golden Retriever is a big chewer She does the usual shredding of food or sweets packaging which she pulls out of my sons bin and has had a good go at my plants in the garden so i thought this would be great for her She is partial to pulling off the odd branch from my shrubs so I expected het to really enjoy this However she hasnt shown a great deal of interest in it I have the large size and it looks quite different to the photo and is perhaps a bit too heavy and cumbersome for her to run around with She has tried it and it does leave a mess on the carpet and her bed However she seems to prefer deer hooves and stag antlers so I will still try other products but will continue to buy the deer products I wouldnt buy this product again I will keep it to be used as a chew in the garden for nowbut it was worth trying and all dogs are different


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