Zylkene for Cats & Dogs

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Zylkene is a natural product, proven to help manage stress in cats and dogs. 

 It is palatable and easy to give - open the capsule and mix the powder with food or give with a treat. The capsule can also be given whole. Zylkene is hypoallergenic, preservative free and lactose free.

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Fantastic product Emma on 2 May 2023

Zylkene was recommended for my cat due to extreme anxiety from attacks from a neighbouring cat. I put this over my cats food and she ate it no bother. Further it has made a real difference to her and her behaviour has improved greatly. I would thoroughly recommend.

Great! suekyn on 13 January 2019

Definitely helps calming Shem (golden retriever) during the fireworks.

Working a treat Buddy on 7 February 2014

I have adopted a rescue cat called Buddy he was scared of everything. He has been on Zylkene 75mg for eleven days now and the difference is wonderful. He is not totally cured yet but well on the way he is not hiding as much sits with us and allows us to stroke him he is much more loving. He was a stray for a long time but is learning to appreciate a good home. I will keep him on the tablets for a few more weeks and am sure he won't need them after that perhaps, just at stressful times Ie going to the cattery or fireworks. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to give these tablets a try they are brilliant.

Worked a treat melz15 on 26 October 2012

I bought these for my two ragdolls who are 4 and 1 before moving house My oldest girl has always had issues with going to her tray when she is stressed while my youngest cat constantly cries and hides so I was dreading moving with them I started using zylkene a few days before I moved and what a difference Its like having two different cats Theyve both became much more affectionate and happier They waltzed around the new house on the first night purring and rolling about like theyd always lived here So far so good on the tray front and hopefully it will continue I also have a feliway diffuser which Ive always used with them but zylkene has definelty made a huge difference Two happy girls one happy owner

brilliant Sally Herts on 3 February 2011

Recomended by my vet for my very stressed ragdoll, have made a massive diference, much more confident and affectionate. I recommend Lick-e-Lix by Webbox as a great way of giving these. 50% cheaper on petplanet than Vets

Great value Ace on 12 November 2009

This product was recommended by our vet to try and help relax an anti-social cat, Mrs Podge. They are non-prescriptive. This product is harmless, purely herbal - can be given to ease stress caused by one off events such as Fireworks or stress caused when a new cat on the block appears. It can also be given on a regular basis. Mrs Podge is much friendlier and calmer and now seeks our company. I've also started our tom cat on them and he is less aggressive with his pals. I can thoroughly recommend the product. The pack of 100 works out at 50% cheaper than purchasing from the vets.