Worlds Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Lavender

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Made with 100% all-natural scented lavender oil, this World’s Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Clumping Formula is ideal for cat owners who prefer their cat litter to be scented but with no  synthetic chemicals, clays or perfumes! Your home stays smelling nice, while keeping nasty odours and smells inside the litter. Better still, there is so little maintenance required – you simply pour, scoop and flush. No more dealing with gooey, sticky messes in the tray!

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It Does What It Says on the Tin! cerishep on 10 February 2022

This is definitely the best cat litter we've ever used. It's so convenient to be able to flush everything away down the loo, knowing that we're not doing damage to the environment (or our sewage pipes!). Although it is expensive, it really lasts and so I think it's still good value. When we first used it (a number of years ago) one of our four moggies thought he might like to eat it rather than pee/poop in it, but he soon got over that and we have had no complaints about the litter from 'the clients'! ;O)

it�s true, this IS the best! cfj on 12 January 2020

Ive never written a review before but, after trying quite a lot of different types/brands of cat litter over the years I think that, now Ive found this one, it deserves to be recommended. Its not the cheapest but it is highly effective, user (and cleaner-up-after!) friendly, clumps really well leaving the surrounding litter clean/clear to be left in the tray so a big bag lasts a long time. Lavender scent is a nice feature and there is definitely no strong cat smell in the house and the litter doesnt travel in the cats paw after using so its all good.

Shirley Zealander on 20 September 2017

Not opened this to use as yet but I'm sure it will be good.

Lives up to its promise CatOwner on 24 July 2016

This is now my favourite litter for my cats. Least smell, easiest clumping.

Excellent but it's not cheap Clare on 30 August 2017

This is great - but it is expensive. The smell is a little strong to start with, but after a couple of hours it's settled down and my cats are happy using it and it still leaves a pleasant aroma. It scoops nicely and doesn't leave anywhere near as much dust as some of the other clumping style litters. As the particles seem to be a little smaller than most other clumping litters I've found my cats don't track so much of it out of the litter tray. I know it's advertised as being flushable, but I've not been brave enough to try it just in case it blocks up the loo!

It's a no from us, sorry ?? Gysin on 21 April 2024

So we were using the Red bag version of the litter, is was fairly good as our cat was just a kitten but we noticed as he got bigger, it wasn't the best for odour control. I want to be clear, I remove clumps a couple of times a day, poo immediately, so nothing sits in the litter box. He also eat a whole pray carnivore diet, so has a very healthy bowl, just 1 firm poo a day. Anyway we thought we'd give Lavender a go,... nothing but trouble since,... firstly it was a subtle smell of lavender but it gives off a almost sweet smell after toileting, not nice! Secondly, it literally sticks in clumps to our cats bottom, which is horrible for the cat obviously & difficult to unstick! Thirdly & I can't say for certain, but our cat also had an episode of diarrhoea after this cat litter was introduced? So I can't recommend this for long haired breeds, unless of course you like you & your cat don't mind sticky clumps of cat litter hanging from its bottom ?? Personally we don't & I am certain my cat doesn't!